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Cartagena de Indias

Cava de Vinos - El Marqués Hotel Boutique

An old water cistern dating back to Spanish colonial times is today a magic place where you can enjoy a wide selection of high-quality wines from everywhere in the wine-growing World, accompanies by tapas – tasty Spanish bar snacks.

Cava de Vinos

Hotel Boutique Casa del Arzobispado

This stately 10-room home captivates guests with personalized service, luxury in every detail, fine wood finish, L´Occitane toiletries and comfortable king-sized beds. The classical style of the building reminds us of the Golden Age Cartagena during the Spanish colonial era.

Hotel Casa del Arzobispado

Hotel Boutique Casablanca B&B

This attractive 19th century house built of dressed stone, with a waterfall splashing over stone slabs; 12 elegant suites and truly excellent service.

Hotel Boutique Casablanca

Hotel Royal Decameron Barú

Only 30 km off Cartagena, this is the largest and most modern of the hotels on Baru island. The rooms are comfortable, there are two restaurants, five bars, three pools and a white sandy beach. There is also a convention center equipped with the latest technology, holding up to 700, and a Business Center.

Hotel Royal Decameron Barú

Las Murallas de Cartagena

The walls were part of the defenses of Cartagena against the constant raids of the pirates. Here we see the bastion of Santa Catalina, designed to block the enemy from access through the dangerous waters of Cruz Grande.

Las Murallas de Cartagena

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