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San Andrés

Isla Johnny Cay

Palm trees, white sand and a seven-colored sea surround this coral island only a few minutes from San Andres. This little island, one of the most desirable for the tourist, is perfect for a taste of the local dishes, reggae and local cocktails.

Isla Johnny Cay

Hotel Casa Harb

Casa Harb is a boutique hotel, perfect tranquility, complete rest, inspired by Asian cultures, The design is sophisticated, the facilities are exceptional and the service tailor-made: sober, private, the best choice for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Hotel Casa Harb

Mirador de San Andrés

The Mirador is one of the high points on the island. It is part of the Botanical Gardens, about 40ft above the sea. Here, there is an amazing view of the scenery all round you; the flowers offset the seven colors of the sea in the Colombian archipelago.

Mirador de San Andrés

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