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Alex Owen

Alex Owen

I lived my formative years in South Wales and studied in England. My first real travelling was a month spent in Mexico in '96, I suspect that it was then that I realised that travel would be a big part of my life. After graduating I went away for 2 years, seeing Thailand, Australia and New Zealand and heading home via North America.

Back in the UK I secured a job with a management consultancy firm with a postponed starting date and thus spent the best part of a year travelling Latin America. After 6 years working in The City, I left the UK on a racing yacht, destination: Australia.

Leaving the boat in Panama I found myself again in Latin America, fulfilling my wanting to return some day. I travelled a while and decided to settle in Colombia. I currently run a British Pub in Bogotá.

When I Was Little

When I was little, El Dorado was the place Esteban et al. were searching for in the cartoon ‘The Mysterious Cities of Gold’. However, according to what I learned at Guatavita, El Dorado has nothing to do with hard-to-find jungle cites…

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