Cali, located in the “Valle del Cauca” department, is a major city with access to the Pacific Coast in Colombia. The city is also known as the capital of salsa, a Caribbean rhythm danced in a unique way and a bit different from the classical Cuban salsa we all know.

Image of salsa dancers

You will find many iconic places in Cali such as “the Cristo Rey” peak, the Cerro de las Tres Cruces, and the Cerro de San Antonio, where you can appreciate the city from many different viewpoints. Because of all of these places the city has been given the nickname of “Sucursal del Cielo”, like if it was a branch location of Heaven.

This year, the city is ready to host many of its festivals which most of them are just around the corner. For the next six months, the city will be welcoming locals and tourists to many cultural events. Cali’s festival season showcases the cultural and artistic potential that the city has to offer and is reflected by the magnitude of the commerce and the tourism that they generate in the region.

There are many events that make Cali a worldwide city known for its incredible events because it gathers people together from many different backgrounds and interests such as cinema, theater, dancing and others. The following events will take place in Cali this year: 

1.  Pacific Music Festival “Petronio Álvarez”: August. 
2.   Meeting of Creators of Jazz Fusion and Experimental: September.
3.   International Poetry Festival: September.
4.   World Salsa Festival: September. 
5.   International Book Fair: October.
6.   International Theater Festival: October. 
7.    International Film Festival: November.
8.   Cali Fair: December. 

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