Valentine’s day is probably one of the world’s most known celebrations. In fact, regardless of which date it is actually celebrated in different countries, it is a time in the year to show gratitude and affection to your loved ones. 

We have gathered some of the best experiences or romantic getaways in Colombia, that you can live in the different stages of your couple's relationship. 

Think of them as one of the most elevated romantic dates you can have. If you need the motive and Valentine's day is already over in the states, look no further, Colombia is the answer. Also, it is a country that apart from others in the world, celebrates Valentine's day in September, which makes it perfect for traveling to the country as the temperature does not vary much throughout the year. Hence, a great option to enjoy some of the best activities  for couples. 

With the following plans, turn Valentine's day gifts into romantic weekend getaways and score some points with your couple!

Glamping Colombia, a romantic getaway for the first trip together

A good Valentine's day celebration is Glamping Colombia, located just an hour away from Bogota by car, close to the Guatavita lagoon, famous for the El Dorado legend. There, you can choose between six beautiful geodesic domes designed to watch the landscape with different nature views. One of the best valentine's day gifts you can give to your partner.

The domes are fully furnished with all you need to have a wonderful Valentines' day. Furthermore, all the experiences are designed for couples. Some of the activities or romantic dates ideas are: 

  • Helicopter flight 
  • Campfire or fireplace with wine 
  • Beer tasting 
  • Paragliding depending on the weather
  • Sailboat Tour over the Tomine Reservoir: 
  • Kayak 
  • Siecha lagoon tour: that includes a ticket to the Chingaza National Park with snacks.

About Chingaza National Park

Located in the andean region forest, Chingaza is a natural reserve of moorland ecosystems with over 1000 plant species and 187 bird species, which makes it a great destination for an ecological hike. You can choose between it six ecotourism trails for an immersive experience to discover the beautiful wildlife that inhabits the park such as the spectacled bear and deers.

Also, if you are into more relaxing romantic weekend getaways, there are a few spa options such as facials, massages and cocoa rituals. Without a doubt, a top  in romantic dates for Valentine's day

About Colombian cocoa

Colombia´s high-quality cocoa is widely known around the world due to its fine grain and wonderful aroma. Therefore, it is used mainly to manufacture fine chocolates. Also, is a product in permanent growth because of the optimal agro-ecological conditions of the country.

If you would like to have your own cocoa ritual at home you can mix:

  • ½ cup of white sugar
  • ½  cup brown sugar
  • ½  cup coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • ½  teaspoon vanilla extract

Then, mix all ingredients together until fully incorporated and spoon it into a half-pint jar or smaller jars. This blend is perfect for using as a body scrub.

For any years relationship anniversary turned into a romantic getaway, Isla Rosa


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Another option for a Valentine's day date to remember is in the Rosario islands. A national park formed by a small archipelago that groups about 28 islands close to the city of Cartagena. It is known for the beautiful shades of blue, being the turquoise the one that surrounds this little islet with a beautiful pink villa named Isla Rosa. Your very own private luxury island in the caribbean. The best spot for all the romantic dates you can share with your loved one.

You can arrange for a boat to pick you up in Cartagena and after a 45 minute trip, arrive to your very own pink paradise for a wonderful stay. The Villa is a three story caribbean decor house with several decks and balconies that comes furnished with hammocks, loungers and everything necessary for a very comfortable stay. Additionally, the villa has a private beach, and natural salt water pool.  Valentines day gifts for keeps in all the memories you will share with your partner after experiencing this beautiful place.

The menu provided in the Villa is mostly caribbean cuisine, perfect for a Valentine's day celebration. You can arrange with the rental, a package to cover all the meals and drinks of the day. Remember that if you wish to bring groceries, they should be purchased before taking the boat. Isla Rosa has the lead in romantic weekend getaways with style.

A top for valentine's day gifts rankings

An ideal Valentine's day date can be sitting with your couple on a deck facing the sunrise for a beautiful breakfast with fresh fruit or having a nice glass of champagne over the sunset. During the day, another idea for all the romantic dates you could have here, is to spot all the beautiful sea life and corals snorkeling together.  

Balloon flight in a world’s heritage bests: Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape for the proposal

Right in the middle of the Colombian coffee district is a hot air balloon entrepreneurship called Globos Colombia. A great location for any type of romantic dates, specially Valentine's day dates. Consequently, the activity includes getting involved on the balloon inflation while having a delicious cup of single origin coffee

The best spot for the big question

During the 40-minute hot air balloon flight, you can have a champagne and cake at 5500 feet high. Additionally, the offer to print a huge banner with any message you need like “Will you marry me?”. Furthermore, the activity also includes transportation, flight certificate, photos and flight insurance. Indeed, a Valentine's day to remember.

The flight takes place in the middle of the National Coffee Park and around the Coffee Cultural Landscape one of the UNESCO world's heritage places in Colombia. Hence, In the top of romantic weekend getaways.

Bio Habitat Hotel, luxurious experience from the mountain tops for the honeymoon

Bio Habitat hotel is one of the most romantic places | Colombia Travel

Not too far away from the hot air balloon plan, is located Bio Habitat, a luxurious hotel surrounded by more than 160.000 square meters of native forest. Indeed, at the highest point of the mountain. Therefore, a must destination in romantic getaways.

A perfect Valentine's day celebration for nature lovers

Bio Habitat hotel is one of the most romantic places | Colombia Travel

Spend an unforgettable Valentine's day or weekend in any of their aviaries which are called habitats. Firstly, each of them, is located strategically in different spots to taken in the best view they can offer. Thus, the 360 covered glass-walls to have a full nature immersive experience. Even getting awake with the sounds of different bird species that inhabit the region. 

The whole concept of the hotel is based on wellness. Some of the activities they offer are perfect for Valentine's day dates, such as: horseback riding, birdwatching mountain biking coffee tasting, and, hiking and trekking with an specialized biologist tour guide, among others. Do you need any more romantic dates ideas? 

Cocora Camp, a romantic escapade to reconnect and keep the fire alive!

Corocora Camp

Located in the Orinoco region, more precisely in the Llanos orientales area, popular for its strong cowboy culture, is Cocora Camp. A unique lodging option retreat to disconnect from the rest of the world while connecting with nature and its wildlife. Certainly, the latest trend in romantic getaways options. Specially, for your next Valentine's day celebration

A very luxurious Valentine's day celebration into the wild

As if it was in the middle of nowhere, in the plain grasslands, are the luxurious tents completely furnished and decorated with-state of the art- beautiful handicraft objects. Some of their exceptional on-site experiences for a wonderful Valentine's day celebration include horseback riding, tracking pumas, off-roading, bird watching, and herding cattle. On the other side there is also a social tent with board games, yoga mats, and lawn games including pétanque, badminton, frisbee and croquet to have more romantic dates options.

The camp offers several gastronomy options, and different meals according to the plans of the day. Guests also have the option of enjoying a private dinner and bonfire on their terrace. The location is also perfect for  endless sundowners with spirited drinks from their bar. An amazing choice among all the valentines day gifts you can think of.

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Next time you are thinking in celebrating Valentine's day in any country, or you happen to be in the mood of showing some love to your partner in a romantic weekend getaways vibe, come and #FeelTheRhythm of the great variety of options Colombia has to offer to spread the love.