4 Photographers Reveal Colombia’s Mos Romantic Destinations

There are plenty of reasons to get married in our country. Several regions offer impressive landscapes, architectural beauty, and infrastructure suited for this type of event. Dozens of specialized photographers are witnesses and responsible for the capturing memories of that of that romantic and lifechanging moment. Here they tell us why each Colombian destination is ideal to host your wedding.

Pareja besándose durante su boda en Cartagena de Indias
Photo by Lagus Media



Cartagena is the place chosen by many couples to celebrate their wedding. It is a magical city, full of culture and life. Every corner has its charm, its Caribbean flavor all around, in its people, in its music and in its gastronomy. It is a picturesque destination with history, architecture, beaches, and beautiful sunsets.

Taking pictures in Cartagena is a delight because its architecture and general aura are incredible, and touching... every corner is a source of inspiration. The walls create strong sensations, doors with knockers become colorful backdrops with great textures, a photo with good depth of field allows you to appreciate the shades of the city. All this is arranged in an area of a few kilometers, as a lively and moving location, but which also offers safe bets for the photographic eye and a natural light that, at dusk, gives a moving, romantic palette, ideal for an unforgettable wedding.

Cartagena has many different sides. To the other side of the impressive walled city you can hear the sound of the waves. These sea beds represent a whole other range of possibilities for the organization of weddings and, of course, for a photo shoot. There are many photographers, wedding planners, creative teams, caterers and services that find in the dynamics of weddings an active and constant way of working in Cartagena. Instead of competing, we learn together and that experience ends up benefiting the client, in this case: the organizers and, especially, the bride and groom.

You can take some nice pictures during both day and night and the sense of joy and celebration around makes couples always brings out the best in couples. We love to be able to transmit that emotion in each of the pictures we create. Your wedding photos are, in the end, the only tangible memory that brides and grooms have of a magical and unique day.


Pareja celebrando su boda en Barichara, uno de los destinos más románticos de Colombia
Photo by Ojo de Oz Nicolás Zuluaga



Cobbled streets, a colonial architecture, the almost perfect climate and the welcoming attitude of its people make Barichara a charming town. Its location in the department of Santander is ideal because it has easy access from Bucaramanga and to other tourist areas that also offer beautiful places full of history.

For these reasons, we can understand how in recent years this tourist destination is growing and especially how it is positioning itself as a dream place for weddings. More and more, couples are choosing to have their weddings in this romantic place. As a photographer, it is positive for me that a destination such as this one becomes recurrent: infrastructure grows along with the specific needs of these visitors and the experience allows us to identify locations, schedules and dynamics that contribute to capture to perfection that also perfect and unique moment.

Photography offers the magical possibility of immortalizing every instant. That privilege of adding one’s own perspective to a memory that will be preserved by others also carries great responsibility. It is in our hands that this unique day, where couples share with their families and friends, in which you can breathe an atmosphere filled with love, joy and many emotions, will look exactly like that in the myriad.

Barichara makes things easier. Not only is it a photogenic backdrop for couples and their companions, it is also stimulating, fun and relaxed for those who visit it and all that good energy and well-being is very much captured in the photos.

We find love and emotion in every corner of this beautiful town, we get lost in its landscapes and unique architecture, and the bride and groom get to enjoy this paradise throughout their unforgettable day. The camera loves Barichara.


Pareja posando en la Ciénaga de Santa Marta, uno destino ideal para celebrar tu boda.
Photo by Jesús Alberto Rincón


Santa Marta

I would describe Santa Marta as a top tourist destination. And if you ask me about the perfect place for a wedding, I would also say that this whole area offers countless possibilities for that unique occasion. It has great beaches, sun, open spaces, tropical environments, and it also has areas with abundant vegetation, cultural richness, the amazing Tayrona National Natural Park and the amazing Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. But the best about it all is definitely the beach, it is what most people look for, and the landscape does not disappoint: white sands, blue horizons, the ever present sun, and a beach vitality that contrasts with the peaceful atmosphere of the mountains.

Every sunset in Santa Marta is different from the previous one. Light behaves with the same freedom as the people of the region. Relaxed and festive, the locals complement the experience of visiting this paradisiacal destination and make each wedding an exceptional celebration. Used to being in constant contact with visitors from all over the world who come to the bay, friendliness and good service come naturally. Weddings have also become a regular things here, and the city, photographers and wedding planners are adapting to it. Another way of saying it is we’re practically sunset supervisors with our wedding photos.

Wedding photography is very important for us as this event represents the family and friends reunion of a lifetime for two people, it is a new family that is starting and brings together two other previous family ones. This responsibility of capturing those moments in which two llives—and many others—come together and celebrate is an honor for us, it is what we are passionate about doing, and we certainly love it.


Pareja posando para sus fotos de boda en la plaza de Villa de Leyva, uno de los mejores destinos para bodas en Colombia
Photo by Diana Zuleta


Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a visual marvel for any photographer. Its cobblestone streets, the harmony of its white houses, its warm-toned desert landscape and its had and ruana-wearing locals make this emblematic Colombian town one of the most desirable destinations for photographers to express their creativity. Walking around its main square and getting lost in the narrow streets of colonial houses taking pictures is like traveling back in time. It is a truly magical place.

To portray a wedding is to share a very special day with people who love each other and who are living it to the fullest, a day where there are thousands of smiles and tears of joy and those are the photos that I always look for, those precious moments that last for seconds and that will come back to your memory in the form of pictures.

When a wedding is celebrated in a wonderful place like Villa de Leyva, our job is to capture that perfection. When the natural space is this amazing, not many decorations are needed, the composition of the photograph is provided by the landscape. In addition to this, people who choose Villa de Leyva as their wedding destination usually have a traveling soul, appreciate the essence of places, the sensitivity of art, and the culture of authentic people. It is necessary that the bride and groom have enough time to be photographed together, to go around the place on the day of the wedding and days before to have a greater variety, in nearby places such as the blue wells, the vineyards or the desert.

If there is a good photographer, in addition to taking the regular expected photos—such as the kiss at the ceremony, the first dance of the newlyweds and pictures of family groups—the photographer will also be in charge of creating an emotional record in which the true essence of love and happiness of the bride and groom and their guests can be shown.