Incentive travel are an excellent way to provide motivation within your employees, build stronger and bonding relationships between them, and reward your team. Indeed, it has proved to be such an important tool to enhance the workforce that a whole industry has developed around it. Colombia is no exception.

Incentive travel are an excellent way to provide motivation within your employees, build stronger and bonding relationships between them, and reward your team. Indeed, it has proved to be such an important tool to enhance the workforce that a whole industry has developed around it. Colombia is no exception. Colombia is a great destination to achieve a marvelous incentive travel. Especially, as is a country widely known because of its biodiversity, gastronomy, music, and strong Latino culture. Hence, an excellent choice to take your team out of their comfort zone in the best and warmest way possible. In fact, we would like to suggest some incentive travel itineraries and experiences for your consideration when planning your next corporate incentive travel.

Bogota, incentive travel experiences to awaken the senses

Surrounded by mountains, Bogota is the capital of Colombia, the core of the country’s commercial operations and also the fourth largest economy in South America. It is home to some of the best hotels, museums, restaurants, and cultural centers in the region. Therefore, it offers several experiences for incentive travel like the ones that follow:

Waking up with a purpose on an incentive travel agenda

An ideal corporate incentive travel can start like this. Imagine waking up to a place where you can find all the most exotic and tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs of Colombia. In this case, Paloquemao Market, the city’s largest food market. First, the walking tour begins in the early morning for your employees to experience what teamwork looks like around here.

Hundreds of people running and pushing their loads of wares mostly bulks and boxes with fruits, vegetables, and grains. Certainly, it might look as hectic chaos at the beginning, but after a moment, they will discover the structure behind their practices. A great incentive travel activity to warm up for what will come next.

Later, they will be able to smell, touch and taste some fruits and delicious local food in the small stalls around the market that offer a real taste of the Colombian gastronomy. Talk about an incentive breakfast! One of the incentive travel companies that operate this tour is impulse travel.

Building a flower fix as a way to bond and be creative during an incentive travel

In addition to the previous activity, another way or incentive to achieve better workplace relationships is a flower fix workshop. In the biodiversity that has made this country famous, the wide variety of flora and fauna has to be taken into account. Indeed, Colombia has more than 130,000 different plant species. Only regarding orchids, the country holds about 1500 over the 4.000 species that exists in the world.

Therefore, a great activity on your incentive travel itinerary is making a stop at Adriana Satizabal, a flower arrangement shop tour that includes a guided tour of the crops where the processes of cultivation, harvest, and post-harvest are explained. Then a florist workshop is held, to make decorative arrangements according to the purpose.

Without a doubt, a perfect activity to consider on your incentive travel schedule that will boost the creativity of your team. In addition to learning about the different needs and cares of plants, and techniques to cut and organize them, among other skills. An incentive to encourage a little flower arrangement contest perhaps?

More than a graffiti tour, the real incentive travel is to put your company's message out there!

Making a graffiti is a great incentive travel activity for the team | Colombia Travel
Credit: Art Not Colombia

Making a graffiti tour is a great incentive travel activity for the team.

There is also another incentive travel activity to take the team out of their comfort zone requires lots of colors. Bogota is also known for having an strong street art culture. As a result of that, there are several graffiti tours that visitors can take around the city. Most of this art revolves around the idea of sending strong and powerful messages through compositions in wall murals.

Picture your team, divided in groups working together to create the most powerful message for your business, or your clients. For instance, a new slogan or catchy brand tagline to improve their sense of belonging to the company. Furthermore, to put it on a t shirt with a stencil!

An activity that will definitely be an incentive into having stronger relationships within coworkers and to develop leadership and communication skills.

Art not is one of the operators that work with several incentive travel companies.

Colombia’s coffee triangle, When has coffee ever not been a good incentive?

A memorable incentive travel activity takes place in Quindío. One of the regions that takes part in the famous Colombian Coffee Triangle. Along with Caldas and Risaralda, the region is famous for being home of the famous Coffee Cultural Landscape, also known, for being part of the UNESCO world's heritage list.

In addition to an already outstanding and beautiful landscape full of coffee crops between the central wide mountain range that covers most part of the country, there is also another national treasure. The world's tallest wax palm trees at Cocora Valley. Hence, an immersive incentive travel experience to connect with nature's wonders.

The best way to start the day in an incentive travel is rafting between nature

Starting the day rafting in the La vieja river in a classic bamboo raft with amenities is a wonderful way to start the day with your team during an incentive travel.

The team gets on the raft where they will find a waiter that will offer them different varieties of ham and cheese, fresh fruit and the snacks of your preference. Also, there is a cooler on board with drinks that can be with or without alcohol, depending on the activities of the day. This can be one of the relaxing moments of the corporate incentive travel

This rafting incentive trip can last a couple of hours and will get the visitors through more than a hundred acres of forest, where visitors can enjoy the fauna and flora of the region. Indeed, species that are in danger of extinction.

Coffee culture as an incentive travel activity for team-building practices

Nowadays is commonly known that good coffee is a great incentive for employees to increase productivity during working hours. So, Why not taking coffee out of the workplace and create different experiences around it?


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One of the most complete corporate incentive travel activities you can offer to your team is held between the Cocora Valley. First, an old Willys jeep will take the crew to the valley for a guided hike.There, the tour guide will explain different terms of the Colombian coffee culture such as the arriero culture. The word that describe the job of the people that load mules with coffee bulks and transport them. After the explanation and having a shot of the famous aguardiente, the group is ready for a little healthy competition. Later, the idea is to discover between groups, which can load and unload the mule faster for a team building exercise.

Without a doubt, an incentive travel activity that will build lasting memories within the group.

Coffee cup tasting is great, but What about coffee caviar? The best incentive travel experience!

After all the incentive travel activities that the team enjoyed during the morning, is time to have a different incentive lunch between coffee crops and bulks at a real coffee state farm.There, the group can learn all about coffee production while having a delicious and homemade meal.

Especially, if is held at San Alberto coffee state farm. Where they are taking the lead on molecular coffee tasting with different preparations that include nitrogen and next-level variations like coffee caviar. An excellent kick to your corporate incentive travel.

The incentive travel operator that can help you to plan this activities is Living trips. Finally, we hope to have incentivated you enough to hold your next corporate incentive travel in Colombia and bring your team to live all this wonderful experiences.