If you’re planning your next corporate event, and keen to make sure your guests not only experience stand-out hospitality and precise planning but a memorable occasion, look no further than Colombia. The country has vast experience in hosting both global-level congresses and intimate events and all of them with a touch of Colombian style. Here are three reasons why Colombia is the right choice for your next corporate event.


Outstanding infrastructure


Colombia has everything you and your team need to host your next event, no matter its size or purpose. The country’s transport links ensure Colombia is well-connected to key international destinations and it has a range of venues to choose from, whether you’re looking for spacious and high-tech hotels and dedicated conference and convention centers or non-traditional spaces that will make your occasion stand out. You and your team may choose to host your event amid the country’s stunning natural scenery or welcome your guests in a dreamlike colonial city. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to find a location in Colombia that not only meets your needs but ensures your event is memorable for many years to come.

Medellín with all its infrastructure
Center of Medellín Photo: ProColombia

Geographical location


Colombia’s impressive infrastructure and excellent transport links are two reasons why it has proved such an attractive option for international events and conferences in recent years. But the country’s strategic geographical placing brings other benefits too. Colombia is home to a diverse range of climates and eco-systems that ensure every event it offers is uniquely-tailored to guests’ needs. Corporate teams can host their event in temperate cosmopolitan cities or tropical climes and choose from a wide range of jaw-dropping backdrops, from biodiverse rainforests and Caribbean beaches to snow-capped mountains and the rolling hills of Colombia’s world-famous coffee district.

Enjoy the colombian cofee in one of the most beautiful places of the contry
Cofee Cultural Landscape - Photo: ProColombia

Professionalism and support


Colombia is fast becoming a top destination for international events having successfully hosted some of the world’s most prestigious conferences as well as a range of smaller, uniquely-tailored gatherings. But the country’s large conference and convention centers invest in more than their high-tech facilities and spacious amenities. They are proud of the skills and professionalism their staff add to the mix and the same goes for smaller venues across Colombia providing non-traditional settings. The country’s main cities all have events bureaus dedicated to providing the support and expertise you and your team require whilst local staff provide the skill and experience you’ll need to make your guests feel at home.

Colombia offers you the possibility make your event while you enjoy the culture of the contry
Photo: ProColombia


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