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Bogotá is the capital and the largest city in Colombia. It is a convergence point characterized by its diversity and multiculturalism. In the city, modern constructions blend with others that evoke the colonial past, standing out among them the reddish color of the brick that characterizes many of the buildings.

The capital is home to large companies and prestigious universities; furthermore, it has significant national and international air connectivity, focused on the El Dorado International Airport. This airport has a large capacity to receive the growing number of international visitors, so much so that it was recognized by Skytrax in 2022 as the best airport in South America in the World Airport Awards.

Downtown Bogotá, Colombia
Photo: ProColombia
  • Population: around 8 million inhabitants.
  • Average Temperature: 14-20ºC – 57.2-68ºF.

Incentive Travel

The cultural offer and infrastructure of Bogotá are strong points complemented by the diversity and knowledge exchange that nourishes the city. In addition to being a meeting point for people from all regions of the country, reflected in its variety of accents, rhythms, and flavors, Bogotá benefits from being surrounded by different types of landscapes and traditions that allow for an encounter between urban and rural.

Bogotá, as a good capital city, has a varied tourist offer for all tastes and needs, making it the ideal destination when organizing incentive trips for companies. Here you can enjoy a cultural agenda that continues throughout the year and stay updated on the latest in entertainment, art, design, and fashion.

Stroll through the historic center of Bogotá

Thus, amidst legends, stories, activities, and spectacular landscapes, an incentive trip becomes unforgettable in the capital of Colombia. The tourist product offer in the city includes:

  • Culture: Bogotá is a city full of history and culture. Incentive trips can include visits to emblematic places such as La Candelaria (the historic center), the Gold Museum, the Botero Museum, and the National Museum. Likewise, the city offers a great variety of cultural events: concerts, theater, and festivals throughout the year. You can attend shows at the Colón Theater or enjoy the artistic atmosphere in the La Macarena neighborhood.
  • Gastronomy: the city has a diverse culinary scene. Here you can enjoy traditional local gastronomy or modern fusions with national and international cuisines. You can take gastronomic tours or classes.
  • Nature: Bogotá is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes within a short distance. You can participate in outdoor activities such as hiking in the eastern hills, cycling on the ciclovía, or going on excursions to the surroundings and observe unique ecosystems such as the páramos.
  • Wellness and Teambuilding: in the city, you can find options such as art workshops, dance classes, challenges in escape rooms, and activities that promote teamwork. Likewise, the city has all kinds of spaces for rest and relaxation of the mind and body.
  • Luxury: for a more exclusive experience, Bogotá offers a variety of luxury hotels, gourmet gastronomy, spas, high-end brands, or specialized tours that will make your trip a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

Congresses and Conventions

The city has a convention bureau that, as a partner of events, is always willing to offer first-level experiences, advice at any stage of the event, and support throughout.

In terms of holding conventions, the city offers a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional venues to achieve a unique experience in any corporate agenda of this type. In addition, tourism service providers are increasingly professionalizing to ensure that quality and positive economic impact are seen in all the details of the planning and execution of conventions and other events.

Facade of the Hilton Corferias Bogotá hotel. Courtesy image Hilton


Bogotá is the ideal place for holding important events as it has the ideal infrastructure and locations, as well as an extensive network of experts in design and business management. That is why in 2023 the city was recognized as the Leading Business Travel Destination in South America by the World Travel Awards.

The city is an important hub for business and financial networking in Latin America. Holding events here can provide access to a diverse business network with professionals and companies both local and international. An advantage of the city is that thanks to its location in the eastern Andes mountain range, it allows events to be held throughout the year without having to worry about extreme weather conditions.

Highlighted Locations for Your Event 

Traditional Locations

: Facade of the Ágora Convention Center in Bogotá, Colombia.
Courtesy Image Estudio Herreros + Bermúdez Arquitectos 

1.      Corferias

  • Located 15 minutes from the airport, it is the largest international business and exhibition center in the country.
  • 22 pavilions and outdoor exhibition areas.
  • Maximum capacity: 15,000 people.

2.      Ágora Convention Center

  • Winner of the Leading Conference and Meeting Venue in South America at the 2023 World Travel Awards.
  • Strategically located 8 km from El Dorado International Airport and 3 km from the historic city center.
  • It has multifunctional and flexible spaces distributed over five floors, more than 18 meeting rooms, and 10 support rooms.

·       Maximum capacity: 4,000 PAX.

3.      G-12 Convention Center

  • Located towards the city center, it has easy access through the city's mass transit system.
  • Maximum capacity: 10,000 PAX.

4.      Compensar AV. 68 Convention Center

  • It has 15 additional rooms with capacity from 20 to 500 people.
  • Strategically located on one of the main avenues of the city, Avenida 68.
  • Maximum capacity: 3,000 PAX.

Non-Traditional Locations 

Facade of the Luis Ángel Arango Library, Bogotá, Colombia.

The country's capital and its surrounding area -Cundinamarca- come together to offer more than 30 unconventional venues for hosting events, including countryside restaurants, museums, and estates with relaxing landscapes. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, the Gold Museum, with over 34,000 gold pieces and 25,000 ceramic objects, and the Botanical Garden are some of them. 

1.      Castillo Marroquín

  • It has two additional halls with a capacity of 170 and 90 people each. 
  • It offers 3,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space. 
  • Located on the outskirts of Bogotá́. Built in the early 20th century. 
  • Maximum capacity: 1,800 people. 

2.      José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden

  • It showcases the diversity of ecosystems present in the Bogotá́ region. 
  • Maximum capacity: 600 people. 

3.      Chicó Museum

  • It has three different event spaces. 
  • Located in one of the most exclusive sectors of the city, with spaces among trees and large gardens. 
  • Maximum capacity: 200 people. 

4.      Luis Ángel Arango Library

  • The library has four event halls. 
  • Inaugurated in 1958, it is located in the historic center of the city. 
  • Maximum capacity: 200 people. 

And very close to Bogotá́ is the Zipaquirá Salt Mine, unique in its style because: 

  • It offers nine spaces for events.
  • Unique cathedral in the world built 180 m underground inside a salt mine.
  • Maximum capacity: 500 people.


Being the capital, Bogotá has the most comprehensive hotel infrastructure in the country with over 500 hotels in different categories. Here you will find everything from simple hotels to large international chains such as: Four SeasonsHyattSonestaHilton and Marriott with more than five properties in the city, among others.

A great advantage is that many of these hotels have multiple convention centers and facilities for events and conferences. In the city, you will find mid-range hotels that offer amenities and services for travelers seeking good value for money, with options for food and basic services. The city also hosts a variety of high-end hotels. These often offer a higher level of luxury and amenities, such as spas, gourmet restaurants, meeting rooms, and personalized attention.

Highlighted Activities for Your Event

La Candelaria and Graffiti District. Bicycle Tour, Bogotá, Colombia

Live the Legend of El Dorado: 

  • Where: Guatavita and historic center of Bogotá́.
  • Duration of the experience: around 6 hours.
  • Distance from Bogotá́ to Guatavita Lagoon: 36.8 km; 1 hour, 27 minutes. 
  • Description: The Gold Museum has the largest pre-Hispanic goldsmith collection in the world. Here you can learn how the work of indigenous cultures gave rise to the protagonist pieces of a legend. Experience the mysticism at the Guatavita Lagoon, a sacred setting of our ancestors, and learn the origin of the legend that has gained worldwide fame.

Bicycle Graffiti Tours:

  • Where: downtown Bogotá́.
  • Duration of the experience: 3 hours. 
  • Description: Discover the charm of Bogotá́ through the urban art that is depicted on its streets. During the graffiti tour, you can discover what you always wondered about this urban art: what do graffiti that are just letters mean? What is a graffiti tag? Is graffiti only done with spray paint? Likewise, you can learn the socio-political background of these art pieces that have gained space in different national and international galleries.

Feel the Pulse of the Capital's History:

  • Where: historic center of Bogotá́.
  • Duration of the experience: 2 hours 
  • Description: Explore the city's historic center and experience its architecture on a tour where emblematic characters will come to life and invite you to be part of it. Observation races and team-building activities in museums and traditional mansions are some of the options. You can also take one of the different historical tours, each from different eras and themes. 

Let Your Taste Buds Dance with the Flavor of Our Land:

  • Where: gastronomy school restaurants and city squares. 
  • Duration of the experience: according to the activity. 
  • Description: Get to know the main ingredients and flavors that characterize our culture. Prepare typical and emblematic dishes of the country through fun cooking workshops, visits to the market squares, and customized coffee and liquor tastings.

Fruit Tour at Paloquemao Market, Bogotá, Colombia

Feel the Heart of Our Culture in a Gastronomic Icon of Bogotá: 

  • Where: Andrés Carne de Res restaurant, Chía.
  • Duration of the experience: 4 hours.
  • Distance from Bogotá: 37.7 km; 49 minutes. 
  • Description: This is considered one of the best restaurants in Latin America. Its staging makes it a great spot to meet friends, taste a good typical dish while dancing, laughing, and enjoying. Experience this space full of colors, smells, and flavors: one of the best parties in the city. 


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