500 years of history are echoing in the walls of Cartagena de Indias, and you have to listen to them to discover a city full of guarded secrets. This destination, widely recognized internationally, ensures its visitors unforgettable activities amidst tradition, the sea, and a fascinating native culture of the Colombian Caribbean.

Cartagena at night with its central square illuminated
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Cartagena de Indias is a destination where you experience the contrast of a colonial city within a modern one. Inside the ancient wall, which separates it from the modern city, you will find colonial mansions with colorful balconies, narrow streets leading to squares, colonial churches, and old cloisters that today are sumptuous boutique hotels. Complementing the history and culture that permeates Cartagena de Indias are its beaches and small islands ideal for diving and water sports.


  • Population: Around 1 million inhabitants.

  • Average Temperature: 29 ºC – 82ºF


Incentive Travel

It is an ideal city for incentive travel, as Cartagena de Indias has the infrastructure and a wide range of experiences ideal for this type of event.

For example, it is possible to have a themed dinner in an old square, chapel, bastion, or the San Felipe de Barajas Fortress, which embodies the era of pirates, treasures, India Catalina, counts, and marquises, among others.

In Cartagena, you will find beautiful landscapes of blue skies and multiple buildings, both modern and ancient
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Congresses and Conventions

Cartagena de Indias is the city revolutionizing the regional meetings industry by combining experience and track record in hosting high-level events with quality service and the cultural richness of its destinations, showcasing Colombia to the world as a country that offers experiences beyond a conventional event proposal.

According to the ICCA ranking -the most important classification in the world's meetings industry (Meetings industry)- Cartagena is the 17th destination in the Americas, based on the number of events held in this city in 2018, and it also ranks in the top 10 cities with the highest number of ICCA events in Latin America (ICCA, 2018).

Therefore, it will be the venue for the World ICCA Congress 2021, with over 1,000 attendees.

Thus, Cartagena is the ideal venue for congresses for these reasons.

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The city is the stage: it is promoted as an open-air museum, offering a unique experience thanks to delegates participating in academic sessions and networking among disruptive and unique venues in the region.

The gateway to Latin America: Holding congresses in Cartagena and Colombia means an opportunity to generate business for associations based in North America and Europe mainly. It expands their reach beyond the markets they already have consolidated and into a community in constant evolution.

Accessibility: Cartagena is a "10 minutes city," making it easy for congress attendees to find what they need in terms of tourism within 11 km (airport, hotels, tourist attractions, convention centers, shopping centers, historic center, restaurants, monuments, Cartagena bay).

Cartagena de Indias will surprise you with the magic in its streets
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International Connectivity: It has connections with more than 9 cities worldwide through over 70 direct weekly frequencies.

Track Record: Being a tourist city par excellence and one of Colombia's main tourist destinations, many local entrepreneurs have over 30 years of experience in hosting international events, highlighting its Convention Bureau, which has been operating for over 20 years, being the first bureau in Colombia).

Quality: One of the convention centers in the city was the first venue in Latin America to host the AIPC Gold certification.

History: Heroic Cartagena city and venue for legendary events such as: 


  • IV Summit of the Americas (2012)

  • 82nd Interpol General Assembly (2013)

  • XXV Ibero-american Conference of heads of state and Governments (2016)

  • 11th World Summit on Political Communication (2017)

  • Tourism Tech Adventures: Scaling Up 2019, UNWTO event (2019) 


City to feel the rhythm: our stories are not told, they are sung to the rhythm of cumbia, champeta, Dance Hall, Salsa, Vallenato, among other musical rhythms typical of the Caribbean region.



In Cartagena, there are many spaces available for events
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Destination Weddings

Trends in destination weddings point to unconventional settings for celebrating the most special moment of a couple.

Cartagena de Indias, renowned for its romanticism and history, turns out to be a fascinating destination to celebrate symbolic unions and weddings of different religions, combining its experience and trajectory in hosting international events with the most special attributes of the "Walled City", among which we highlight: Colonial architecture venues and hotels, 16th-century churches, boats and private islands for receptions and activities, ramparts and sunsets for a perfect ceremony, gourmet cuisine with the best local flavors, Colombian haute couture designer shops, jewelry stores recognized for the quality of their emeralds, and the best plans for additional celebrations to the main ceremony.

In 2019, Cartagena de Indias was awarded by the World Travel Awards as the city for honeymoons.

More and more Jewish and Hindu weddings are taking place in this special destination. The flexibility and training of the hotels and venues that have committed to being prepared hosts for celebrations of different religions consolidate a seal of guarantee that opens the doors of Cartagena to the world and to the celebration of love. 


Cultural Events

FICCI, the Cartagena International Music Festival, and the Hay Festival are some of the events that have chosen Cartagena de Indias as their venue. Among cinema, music, and books, these platforms achieve the reception of thousands of international attendees who, in addition to the agenda, speakers, and networking spaces, are captivated by the magical cityscape. A city full of evocative landscapes, urban artists, modern, colonial, and republican architecture, vibrant sounds, and the embodiment of the stories of our Nobel Prize in Literature: Gabriel García Márquez.

Cartagena is a multifaceted city that, thanks to the versatility of its spaces, allows event organizers to bring to life scenographies and setups in non-traditional venues such as squares, ramparts, castles, forts, cloisters, ports, islands, among others.

The Convention Center in Cartagena de Indias
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Additionally, its hotel offer provides attendees of events with multiple accommodation options, where also the city's tourist offer is concentrated, including the airport, beaches, historic center, Cartagena bay, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers.

Sporting Events

At 2 meters above sea level and with a mostly flat surface, Cartagena de Indias has positioned itself nationally as the favorite destination for athletes, cyclists, and professional swimmers in search of motivating and inspirational sports experiences.

Being in 2019 the fourth edition of the Ironman 70.3 in the city of Cartagena, La Heroica has become one of the main cities in this competition when it comes to summoning triathletes from around the world.

More than 10,000 people gather every December in Cartagena de Indias around sports, encouraging the local community to be part of these gatherings and competitions.  This, without mentioning the sports events throughout the year, related to Golf and water sports, thanks to the infrastructure available in the destination: the only TPC Golf course in Colombia and one of the safest bays in Latin America, respectively.

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Outstanding Locations for Your Event

The incredible infrastructure we can find in Cartagena de Indias
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Convention Centers


1. Cartagena de Indias Convention Center


  • More than 30 available spaces spread over 3 levels.

  • Located in the historic center of the city with an accommodation offer of over 2,500 rooms within a 5 km radius.

  • Maximum capacity: 2,000 PAX.


2. Las Américas Convention Center


  • Linear infrastructure located in 6,356 square meters, with ideal spaces for congresses, fairs, and exhibitions.

  • Located 5 minutes from Rafael Núñez International Airport.

  • Maximum capacity: 6,200 PAX. More than 500 rooms.


3. Hilton Cartagena Convention Center


  • Multifunctional space for events up to 2,453 square meters / 26,398 square feet.

  • It has a Grand Salon with a capacity for 1,500 people, divisible rooms, and exhibition area.

  • More than 340 rooms to accommodate event participants.


4. Estelar Cartagena de Indias Convention Center


  • Modern property, Located in the tourist sector of Bocagrande.

  • Maximum capacity: 1,000 event attendees.

  • More than 10 event rooms and 338 rooms with sea views.


Non-traditional Locations


1. Aduana Square


  • It is the largest and oldest square in the city.

  • Maximum capacity: 2,500 PAX.


2. Bolívar Square


  • Iconic space, located in the city center.

  • Maximum capacity: 800 PAX.


3. Adolfo Mejía Theater


  • Located in the historic center, it was inaugurated in 1905.

  • Maximum capacity: 650 PAX.


4. San Felipe de Barajas Castle


  • Colonial fortification built in 1536, declared a World Heritage Site.

  • Maximum capacity: 1,200 PAX.


5. Santa Clara Bulwark


  • 17th-century construction, located in front of the Santa Clara Hotel.

  • Maximum capacity: 200 PAX.



Cartagena de Indias offers a unique hotel offer, being the city with the highest number of small and luxurious boutique hotels. Currently, within the hotel offer, boutique and corporate hotels offer 4,750 rooms.


Highlighted Activities for Your Event


Enjoy the song saved within the Walled City


  • Where: Cartagena de Indias.


  • Duration of the experience: Approximately 4 hours. 


  • Description: Thematic dinner in an old square, in a chapel, in the bulwark, or in the San Felipe de Barajas Fortress, where diners can enjoy pirates, treasures, India Catalina, counts and marquises, white nights, and Caribbean parties, among others.

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Feel like a pirate aboard the sea


  • Where: Cartagena de Indias.


  • Duration of the experience: 3 hours. 


  • Description: Nighttime cruise in the Bay of Cartagena de Indias aboard a pirate ship and also in the San Felipe Castle. Experience the recreation of a 19th-century pirate attack, cocktails, typical snacks, and musical performances on board.

Cartagena de Indias has unique landscapes you won't want to miss
Photo: ProColombia


Enjoy a scavenger hunt to discover the Walled City


  • Where: Cartagena de Indias.


  • Duration of the experience: 2 hours. 


  • Description: Scavenger hunts in the historic center with team building activities, treasure hunts, or rallies with various levels of difficulty. It is the experience of feeling like a local in the city center. Learn about history by playing to find the lost treasure. In the end, everyone can enjoy a coconut lemonade on the terrace of a hotel, enjoying the view from the center.


On a "chiva," the Cartagena experience is better lived


  • Where: Cartagena de Indias.


  • Duration of the experience: 2 hours. 


  • Description: These traditional transport vehicles are special for touring the city in its modern area and the surroundings of the historic center, accompanied by a vallenato group. Get to know areas like Bocagrande, Castillogrande, Manga, and the Historic Center. Make a stop at the bulwark of the vaults and enjoy a typical Cartagena fried snack, continue on the "chiva" that will end its tour at one of the most popular nightclubs in the city.

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Swaying over the sea, you can enjoy on a luxury catamaran


  • Where: Cartagena de Indias Bay.


  • Duration: 3 hours.


  • Description: Enjoy the night view of the city on a luxury catamaran in the Bay. There you can enjoy cocktails and snacks of your choice. Delight in the night in the company of a saxophonist. During the ride, you will arrive at one of the restaurants with its own dock and have a dinner enlivened by Cuban music.

Come and discover why Cartagena de Indias is the ideal destination for your next event. "La Heroica," welcomes you warmly.