San Andrés, this island anchored in the Caribbean is a small paradise where the influences of English, Spanish, pirates, and corsairs merged to create a rich culture that moves to the rhythm of reggae.

Surrounded by a sea of seven colors and a spectacular coral reef, it provides a perfect setting for activities on the beach, diving, and fun.

  • Population: Around 75 thousand inhabitants.

  • Average Temperature: 28 ºC – 82ºF

Weddings in San Andrés

If you want something completely out of the ordinary, one of the most novel and original options that San Andrés offers to lovers are underwater weddings.

The beautiful coasts and blue sea in San Andrés Island
Photo: ProColombia

Taking advantage of the immense marine wealth that San Andrés and its nearby cays have, composed of reefs, corals, and fish, you will have the opportunity to get married 10 meters underwater, accompanied by expert divers and a spectacular ecosystem so that your marriage is truly an out-of-this-world event.

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Highlighted Activities for Your Event

Experience Beach Parties

  • Where: San Andrés

  • Duration of the experience: 4 hours. 

  • Description: The Caribbean vibe takes over the night amidst a white beach full of torches dancing to the rhythm of soca and reggae chords. The rastas are the hosts of this mythical live music experience played with the island's autochthonous instruments, such as the Horse Jaw Bone and the Thub. Dances, games, and traditional foods make the night an unforgettable experience, where the longest "dreadlocks" will sprout from your head for one night to fully experience Bob Marley's legacy.

Dance in the Sea of 7 Colors with Rays and Fish

  • Where: San Andrés

  • Duration of the experience: 1 hour. 

  • Description: Every day, at 4:00 in the afternoon, the crystalline sea of San Andrés of the Acuario Cay transforms into a parade of stingrays that come to the shore to be fed by you. Living freely in the sea, the stingrays (up to one meter in diameter) put on a show underwater while being fed by visitors. Some dare to carry them and take a photo to immortalize the encounter between two worlds, the marine and the terrestrial.

A parasol on one of the white beaches of San Andrés Island
Photo: ProColombia

Learn to Prepare a Recipe Full of Flavor: Rondon on the Sand

  • Where: San Andrés

  • Duration of the experience: 2 hours. 

  • Description: Cooking lessons with an island matron, who, while preparing the food, tells stories of Old San Andrés and explains how the ingredients with which she cooks arrived at local traditions. Preparations range from typical dishes such as Rondon and crab soup to traditional Caribbean pastries.

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Sailing the 7 Colors

  • Where: San Andrés

  • Duration of the experience: 3 hours. 

  • Description: Sailing experience on a sailboat built by hand, where passengers will learn basic navigation instructions according to the instruments and forms of georeferencing used by island navigators in the 19th century when goods were exchanged with Central America and other Caribbean islands aboard these vessels.

The tour takes place inside the reef barrier to maintain navigation in calm waters so that the new sailors can enjoy the ride in beautiful San Andrés with tranquility.