Santa Marta is the oldest Hispanic city in the country, a destination where nature, adventure and water sports mix with commerce, restaurants and infrastructure.

And its rhythm overflows with the experiences it offers: a Sierra Nevada that meets the sea, an ancestral indigenous culture, stunning landscapes and natural contrasts.

  • Population: About 480 thousand inhabitants.
  • Average Temperature: 28 ºC - 82ºF

Incentive trips

Get to know the culture and customs of an indigenous Kogui family, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and get the rhythm of the Caribbean. Walk on foot or by mule the village and the indigenous crops, passing through streams and streams tributaries to the Palomino River.

In Santa Marta and its surrounding regions it is possible to find the following tourist products:

  • Bird watching
  • Culture enriched with gastronomy, fairs and parties and archeology
  • Nautical and cruises
  • Nature and adventure
  • Diving
  • Sun and beach
  • Congresses, Conventions and Events

This city has the capacity for hotel accommodation and the necessary rooms to attend large groups of international conventions, conferences and congresses, which makes it a suitable destination for events of international stature.

Santa Marta

Featured locations for your event

Convention Centers

  • Estelar Santamar Hotel and Convention Center
  • The hotel has the largest convention center in the city.
  • Additionally, it has 13 complementary rooms.
  • Maximum capacity: 1,900 PAX.

Irotama Convention Center

  • It has 10 different rooms.
  • It is one of the largest and most important hotels in the city.
  • Maximum capacity: 600 PAX
  • Hotel Zuana Convention Center
  • This resort has a main lounge and 17 more complementary.
  • Maximum capacity: 500 PAX

Nontraditional locations


It is one of the most complete ecotourism and nature reserve complexes in Colombia. It offers the infrastructure for adventure sports from a stage with one of the most impressive views of the city.

International Navy of Santa Marta

The Marina of Santa Marta is located in a privileged area of ​​the city, which makes it attractive for the realization of fashion, leisure, business, nautical events, among others.

It has 3 outdoor platforms.

Hacienda Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

Events can be held within the historic hacienda where our Liberator Simón Bolívar died, which today houses one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Colombia.

The place also offers access to an excellent range of local firms with logistical capacity to design and develop your event, including the service of meals served in the dining room or buffet.

Hotels rooms for events

Santa Marta offers a wide range of hotel options that includes boutique, vacation and corporate hotels. The city has a total offer of 1,513 corporate rooms divided into 12 hotels.

International chains such as GHL and Decameron are present in the city where, in addition, the opening of several boutique hotels is predicted thanks to the boom that this concept has in hotel standards worldwide.

Featured activities for your event

Discover the rhythm of an indigenous culture that found the heart of the world in the Sierra Nevada

  • Where: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
  • Duration of the experience: 7 hours.
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 60 km; 1 hour and 30 minutes to the starting point to the community.
  • Description: In the Sierra Nevada National Park of Santa Marta is the Lost City or Teyuna Archaeological Park, cradle of the Tayronas, the most advanced pre-Hispanic indigenous culture. Learn about the culture and customs of an indigenous family in Tayronaca where, in addition, you can visit streams and streams tributaries to the Palomino River.

Vibrate with the natural spectacles of Tayrona Park

  • Where: Tayrona National Natural Park.
  • Duration of the experience: 1 day.
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 11.7–34 km; 47 minutes approximately.
  • Description: Visit one of the most important natural reserves in Colombia and enjoy the white sands, mangroves, forests, archaeological remains, trails, crystalline beaches and all the maritime biodiversity, flora and fauna offered by this place located in the foothills of the highest coastal mountain in the world. This vast nature reserve offers an ideal setting for contemplation, recreation and activities that you want to develop around these two concepts.

Live the indigenous experience in Tayronaca, place of conservation and authenticity of different tribes

  • Where: Tayronaca
  • Duration of the experience: 7 hours.
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 56 km; 1 hour, 20 minutes.
  • Description: Get to know the remains and vestiges of the settlement of indigenous tribes in this space that is nowadays the place of stay of the Kogui tribe and the point of conservation of the indigenous culture. Trekking along the path, tours of the museum, kayaking adventure and descent by tire on the Don Diego River, are some of the activities offered by this ecotourism destination


Is the rhythm of your life marked by adventure and extreme experiences? Come to Team Building in Mamancana

  • Where: Mamancana
  • Duration of the experience: 1 day.
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 1,9 km; 7 minutes
  • Description: Live an experience of extreme adventure in this place that offers the option to practice mountain biking, canopy, rappelling and paragliding, among other extreme sports. This natural reserve is the combination of landscapes, adrenaline and nature, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and the tranquility of the Caribbean Sea.


Blue Well, Minca

  • Where: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Duration of the experience: 1 day.
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 1,9 km; 7 minutes
  • Description: It is a huge natural waterfall nestled in these mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which serves as a pool of fresh and icy water. Ideal for those who want to see unique landscapes, crystal clear waters and a great variety of flora and fauna. You can also do bird watching tours, walks, bike tours and farms that grow organic coffee.

Quebrada del Sol

  • Where: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Duration of the experience: 1 day.
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 1,9 km; 7 minutes
  • Description: The tour to the Quebrada del Sol starts at 6:00 a.m. and ends at approximately 6:00 pm, ideal for sighting the snow-capped mountains, knowing two indigenous communities: Arhuacos and Koguis, enjoying the Don Diego River in the upper part and also knowing rural communities that today have found in life a life expectancy in tourism . This tour is ideal for those who want to learn about how indigenous communities live and interact with them on the highest coastal mountain in the world.