Located in the Great Colombian Caribbean, capital of the Magdalena department, Santa Marta was founded on July 29, 1525, giving it the distinction of being the oldest city in the country. It is renowned for its beaches, history, gastronomy, and as the ideal destination for business tourism. Santa Marta is a must-visit destination that embraces four ancestral indigenous cultures: Arhuacos (or Ikas), Wiwas, Kogis, and Kankuamos. The Caribbean is the land of Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez, born in Aracataca (less than an hour and a half from the city of Santa Marta), and is home to the highest coastal mountain range in the world: the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which rises to 5,775 meters above sea level, next to the Caribbean Sea, a Caribbean that goes far beyond and is the perfect combination of sea and mountain.

Playa Blanca, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia

  • Population: around 577,388 inhabitants.
  • Average temperature: 27-32°C – 80.6-89.6°F.

Incentive Travel

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and pleasant climate of Santa Marta. Get to know up close the culture and customs of an indigenous Kogui family in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta or let yourself be infected by the rhythms and flavors of the Colombian Caribbean. Explore on foot or in a 4x4 the surroundings of the city and indigenous crops, passing through streams and tributary streams of the Palomino River.
: Trekking to the Lost City, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

In Santa Marta and its surrounding regions, it is possible to find the following tourist products:

  • Birdwatching: Santa Marta is an exceptional place for this activity thanks to its diverse ecosystem that includes mountains, forests, and coastal areas. Travelers can participate in guided excursions to observe a great diversity of birds, including hummingbirds, toucans, and marine species. We recommend the El Dorado Nature Reserve, a paradise for birdwatchers, where you can see endemic and exotic birds, such as the motmot toucan and the emerald hummingbird.
  • Enriched Culture: experience the history and culture of the city. Incentive trips can include visits to archaeological sites such as Ciudad Perdida, one of the most important archaeological treasures in Colombia. Participants can also enjoy local cuisine (such as coconut rice, fried fish, and arepa de huevo), which combines indigenous and Afro-Caribbean influences.
  • Nautical and Cruises: the port of Santa Marta receives cruises from around the world. Corporate incentive trips can include boat excursions, sailing trips, and the possibility of exploring the beautiful beaches and bays of the region.
  • Nature and Adventure: travelers can participate in jungle hikes, explore waterfalls, and enjoy the lush biodiversity of the area. We recommend visiting the rainforest and pristine beaches like Cabo San Juan, or living trekking experiences that include ascents to peaks such as Pico Bolívar.
  • Scuba Diving: go scuba diving in Santa Marta among crystal-clear waters and coral reefs. Corporate incentive travelers can take guided dives to explore marine life, including colorful corals and tropical fish.
  • Sun and Beach: Santa Marta's beaches are stunning and offer the opportunity to relax under the Caribbean sun. Participants can enjoy activities such as swimming, kayaking, or simply relaxing on the sand. We recommend Cristal Beach, Playa Blanca, Concha Bay, Chengue Cove, among others.
  • Wellness: Santa Marta has spas and wellness centers that offer relaxing treatments, massages, and yoga classes. Incentive travelers can take care of their well-being while enjoying ocean views and sea breezes. Seaside resorts offer spa experiences, relaxing massages, and wellness treatments in a tranquil setting.
  • Fairs and Festivals: the city hosts various festivities and fairs throughout the year. Incentive trips can coincide with cultural events, such as the Bay Festival or the Sea Festivals, which include live music, folk dances, delicious Caribbean food, and water sports.

Congresses and Conventions

Santa Marta, with its combination of beautiful beaches, rich cultural history, and growing tourist infrastructure, has become an attractive destination for holding congresses and conventions. The city has the hotel accommodation capacity and the necessary halls to accommodate large groups and carry out conferences and international congresses.

According to the National Bureaux Network, Santa Marta has become a central point for holding sustainable events and for regenerative development in the country, generating increasing interest from national and foreign companies, especially those committed to corporate social responsibility.

Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia


Santa Marta is a city that bets on sports events. With its numerous fields, tracks, and navigable waters, the city invites both nationals and foreigners to enjoy water sports and beach activities throughout the year. An example of this is the Sea Festivals, during which more than 30 sports activities, both professional and recreational, are held. This has encouraged the city to increasingly position itself on the international stage over the years

Some world-class sports events that have taken place in Santa Marta include: the South American Beach Soccer League for Adults and U20s, the World Motonautics Championship in 2019, the I Central American and Caribbean Sea and Beach Games 2022, and the V South American Beach Games 2023. 

Beach rugby at the I Central American and Caribbean Sea and Beach Games Santa Marta 2022

Highlighted Locations

Traditional Locations, Convention Centers: 

Marriott Playa Dormida, Santa Marta, Colombia

1.      Estelar Santamar. Hotel and Convention Center: 

  • The hotel has the largest convention center in the city. 
  • It offers 13 complementary multifunctional rooms for events such as weddings, celebrations, and business meetings. 
  • Maximum capacity: 1,900 PAX. 

2.      Marriott Playa Dormida: 

  • 386 m² of total event space. 
  • Four event rooms for meetings, events, weddings, and special occasions. 

3.      Hilton Santa Marta: 

  • 1,062m² of total event space. 
  • Eight meeting rooms including a ballroom. 
  • Maximum capacity: 450 PAX. 

4.      Irotama Resort Convention Center: 

  • It has 10 different rooms. 
  • It is one of the largest and most important hotels in the city. 
  • Maximum capacity: 600 PAX.

5.       Hotel Zuana Convention Center: 

  • This convention center has four adaptable spaces. 
  • It offers services for events, weddings, and meetings. 
  • Maximum capacity: 560 PAX. 

Non-traditional Locations: 

Mamancana, private reserve, Santa Marta, Colombia

1.      Mamancana, Private Nature Reserve

  • 600-hectare natural reserve, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, 10 minutes from the Santa Marta International Airport, 5 minutes from the city's most exclusive hotel zone, and 20 minutes from the historic downtown. 
  • It offers infrastructure for adventure sports and a setting with one of the most beautiful views of the city. 

2.      Santa Marta International Marina: 

  • The Santa Marta Marina is located in a privileged area of the city, making it suitable for hosting fashion, leisure, business, nautical, and other events. 
  • It has three outdoor platforms. 
  • The main square has a capacity of 1,500 people and the marina terrace accommodates up to 140 people. 

3.      Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino Hacienda: 

  • Events can be held within the historic hacienda where the liberator Simón Bolívar died, which now houses one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Colombia. 
  • The venue provides access to an excellent range of local firms with logistical capacity to design and develop your event, including catering services served in dining or buffet style. 


Santa Marta offers a wide range of hotel options including boutiques, vacation resorts, and corporate hotels. The city has a total offering of over 3,000 rooms in categories 3+, 4, and 5 stars. International chains such as Hilton and Marriott are present in the city.

Santa Marta has accommodation options for all budgets and preferences. The choice of hotel will depend on factors such as desired location, type of trip, and available budget. Whether you're looking for a luxurious beachfront resort or an affordable hostel in the city center, Santa Marta has options to meet all your needs. 

Highlighted Activities for Your Event 

Discover an indigenous culture that found the heart of the world in the Sierra Nevada: 

Lost City, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

  • Where: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 
  • Duration of experience: 7 hours. 
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 60 km; 1 hour and 30 minutes to the starting point to the community. 
  • Description: in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Natural Park, you will find the Lost City or Reyuna Archaeological Park, cradle of the Tairona, a pre-Hispanic indigenous group that flourished between 200 and 1600 AD. Get up close to the culture and customs of an indigenous family; hike through the streams and creeks that flow into the Palomino River, birdwatching, and other activities amidst immense biodiversity. 

Experience indigenous life in Taironaka, a place of conservation and authenticity of different tribes: 

  • Where: Taironaka
  • Duration of experience: 7 hours. 
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 56 km; 1 hour, 20 minutes. 
  • Description: explore remnants of indigenous community settlements in this space which is nowadays a place of stay for the Kogui tribe and a conservation point of indigenous culture. Hiking along the trail, museum tours, kayaking adventures, and tire descent along the Don Diego River are some of the activities offered by this ecotourism destination in Colombia. 

Feel the natural spectacles of Tayrona Park: 

Sunset at Cabo San Juan del Guía, Tayrona National Natural Park, Colombia

  • Where: Tayrona National Natural Park
  • Duration of experience: one day. 
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 11.7–34 km; approximately 47 minutes. 
  • Description: visit one of Colombia's most important natural reserves and enjoy white sands, mangroves, forests, archaeological remains, trails, crystalline beaches, and all the biodiversity that this place offers. Located at the foothills of the highest coastal mountain in the world, this vast natural reserve is an ideal setting for contemplation and recreation. 

Is the rhythm of your life marked by adventure and extreme experiences? Come to Team Building in Mamancana: 

  • Where: Mamancana. 
  • Duration of experience: one day. 
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 1.9 km; 7 minutes. 
  • Description: live an extreme adventure experience in this reserve that offers the option to practice mountain biking, canopying, rappelling, and paragliding, among other extreme sports. This natural reserve is the perfect combination of landscapes, adrenaline, and nature, where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and the tranquility of the Caribbean Sea. 

Pozo Azul, Minca: 

  • Where: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 
  • Duration of experience: one day. 
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 1.9 km; 7 minutes. 
  • Description: this huge natural waterfall nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta serves as a pool of cool and icy water. Ideal for those who want to see unique landscapes, crystalline waters, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Birdwatching tours, hikes, bike tours, and visits to farms that grow organic coffee can also be arranged. 

Quebrada del Sol: 

Kogui Indian village in the mountains of Sierra Nevada - Santa Marta, Colombia

  • Where: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Duration of experience: one day.
  • Distance from Santa Marta: 1.9 km; 7 minutes. 
  • Description: the tour to Quebrada del Sol starts at 6:00 a.m. and ends around 6:00 p.m., ideal for sighting the snowy peaks, visiting two indigenous communities (Arhuacos and Koguis), enjoying the Don Diego River in the upper part, and also getting to know peasant communities who have found hope in tourism. This tour is ideal for those who want to get to know closely how indigenous communities live and interact with them in the highest coastal mountain in the world.

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