Having the opportunity to carry out work activities outside the office is one of the most common options of companies in recent years. In general, congresses and conventions take place in hotels or establishments dedicated especially to these types of meetings.

However, it is important to explore other options in which different environments stimulate the creativity of the attendees and also offer unforgettable experiences in the framework of congresses and conventions.

We present these five options that will not only pleasantly surprise attendees at conferences, events and conventions; They will also allow you to know amazing places while events unfold.

Thematic farms

Fuente: Ben Bowes

Currently, rural tourism in Colombia has registered considerable growth. More and more farms offer accommodation and restaurant services at the height of the best hotels as well as having experts in the organization of events. Therefore, holding an event, a convention or any type of activity related to business tourism in these places can be a great stimulus for creativity, it can also be an opportunity for attendees to disconnect from the routine and focus on what they can get during the corporate event.

Thematic farms such as those found in the Coffee Cultural Landscape (Pereira, Armenia, Manizales and north of the Valle del Cauca) are a perfect option because, generally, the distances between the rural area and the city are very short and comfortable for the necessary displacements.


Art inspires, relaxes and awakens the senses. Museums are generally silent places that invite concentration and work. For that reason, museums can be a great option for a business event. Most of these places have auditoriums or meeting rooms that are conducive to congresses and conventions. The Museo de Antioquia (Medellín), the National Museum (Bogotá) or the Museo del Caribe (Barranquilla) offer venues suitable for business events. Conducting these meetings in a museum can be a great experience as it will be a real surprise for the attendees.


Chambers of Commerce

The infrastructure developed by the Chambers of Commerce makes them a very good place not only to receive information and training, but also to close business and organize events in Colombia. These establishments have, in general, medium and large capacity auditoriums, as well as open spaces conducive to the pauses of events and that allow interaction between guests and attendees at these meetings. The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, for example, has more than 10 offices distributed throughout the city where it is possible to hold congresses and conventions of all kinds.


The theaters are a very appropriate place for congresses and conventions, especially if they have the participation of many people. Theaters such as Pablo Tobón Uribe (Medellín) or Jorge Eliécer Gaitán (Bogotá) are very appropriate because in addition to having expert logistics teams in event organization, they are located in central points of the city, facilitating the influx of the public. In the event that the corporate event you are going to do demands an advanced audiovisual aids team, do not doubt that a theater is the ideal setting to do it.



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Botanical gardens are ecological lungs in the middle of big cities. In general, these places have meeting rooms and auditoriums that are normally used for academic or research activities, but are also available for events in Colombia. These places offer attendees to congresses and conventions the tranquility of a rural space, in the middle of the city. Many of them, such as the Botanical Garden of Medellin, offer not only the rental of enclosures for events, but also the catering service at comfortable prices and always guaranteeing great quality in the organization of events. The country offers diverse scenarios for the realization of events and receptions so be encouraged to explore new scenarios so that your meetings in Colombia are a success.