Bagpipes, clarinets and drums merge with guitars, accordions and other instruments to create lively music in Sincelejo and throughout the department of Sucre. This city, founded on October 4, 1535, reflects in its sounds the rich mixture that occurred between Europe, Africa and America in the Colombian Caribbean. Sincelejo, whose average temperature is 27 ºC, is a starting point to visit mountains, savannas, gulfs and marshes.


What to do in Sincelejo

Travelers can attend Sincelejo the Fiestas of January 20, which highlights the corralejas-Spanish heritage that has bulls as protagonists. It is also possible to get the spontaneous joy of the department of Sucre by living celebrations such as the National Bagpipes Festival, in the municipality of Ovejas; and the Vueltiao National Hat Reign, in Sampués.


Activities you can't miss

Living the Feasts of January 20 in Sincelejo, touring the Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora El Corchal 'Mono Hernández', near San Onofre and visiting the Rosario Islands and San Bernardo are plans that await visitors.