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Colombian Holidays, Fairs and festivals

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María Moñitos at the Barranquilla Carnival

María Moñitos at the Barranquilla Carnival

In Colombia we always have a good reason to celebrate, eat, drink, and dance.

No matter the time of year, upon arriving in the country, visitors will encounter a fair, a pageant, or a celebration somewhere. By nature we are cheerful people.

We take care to keep alive the traditions inherited from Spaniards, Indians, and Africans.

Come join the party! Come to Colombia!

Among carnivals, dances, parades, and cavalcades, the year runs its course to the rhythm of our tropical music and contagious good spirits.

Our religious feasts, historic milestones, and even our victories in sports, are events we celebrate until we run out of energy. What are you waiting for to join the party?

What are you waiting for to join the party?

Fairs and festivals in Colombia


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