elements that represent a mask with a blue background
women celebrating in a colombian festival

Destinations with alluring traditions

Every great trip is completed when discovering the clothing and fashion of its people. In Colombia, the great artists are the indigenous communities that live in secluded regions such as Ciudad Perdida (as in Lost City). Necklaces, earrings, and all kinds of crafts are treasures woven and created by them that you could take home as a reminder of this journey.
elementos que representan fruta Colombiana en fondo gris
groups of different fruits and vegetables

Destinations with flavors that delight

Every special dish from Colombia’s cuisine hides a story told in its ingredients and the hands that prepare them. Thousands and thousands of kilometers that grow unique flavors such as soursop or guava can be discovered by you, not only to taste delicious deserts, but to understand with your senses the diverse flavors of Colombia. Walk through the streets of Colombia’s main cities and discover characters that, because of their creativity, have been awarded Michelin stars. Get lost in an explosion of colors and flavors that you can experience in farmer’s markets from any small town, and feel like the protagonist of a fantasy film.
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Destinations with experiences that fill your heart

Colombia looks like it was designed by an artist with an endless color palette. An artist that loves nature and doesn’t believe in limits. Can you believe it? Feel like the protagonist of an unreal journey when you cross through deserts in a 4x4 to reach a “Sierra Nevada”, a snowy mountain top right next to the sea, where surf is always up. Take on an adventure in a canoe through the mangrove swamps that lead to rivers with pink dolphins, and see for yourself how time can stand still when you encounter nature that seems to remain forever intact.
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black and yellow frog on top of a plant

Destinations with breathtaking nature

Imagine being in a city over 2.600m over the sea level and, in just an hour and a half by car, arriving to a destination so warm that it feels like the beach. Like an ellipsis in the story. Colombia feels like a movie with thousands of moments to discover, where you decide where the next chapter goes. Take a light aircraft to reach an isolated place hiding a multicolored river in the middle of a jungle that looks like it was ripped from a page of an adventure book. Meet surprising inhabitants such as ocelots, anacondas wrapped in gigantic trees, and orchids that could decorate film sets.