Nature will become the setting for an amazing adventure where you will share each scene with incredible creatures that only exist in Colombia, the country with most species of birds and amphibians in the world. A paradise waiting to be explored and where every trail will lead you to encounter fascinating and unique flora and fauna. The variety of climates that Colombian destinations offer will give you the freedom to be the director of your own adventure in landscapes that feel like scenes from an exciting movie. Forests of all kinds: humid rainforests like those from Chocó and Amazonas, Andean forests like those surrounding the snowy mountain ranges of Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, dry forests like those found in the Great Colombian Caribbean. Mountains, plains, and the most enchanting nature reserves, where you can enjoy new experiences while being respectful of local customs and natural species that only Colombia can show you -a country made for nature tourism. Explore new destinations in search of those birds, whales, and frogs that inhabit the rainforests in Choco, the songbirds and butterflies of the tropical Andean region, the Sierra Nevada, Orinoquia plains, and see the Colombian Amazon with its pink dolphins that will fill you with joy.