Enjoy the vibrant colors of the Medellín Flower Fair

When you visit Medellín, you'll discover why Antioquia's capital is a model of innovation: modern buildings and advanced solutions for all areas of life can be found all throughout the city.

But, as you travel through the city, you'll find that, despite the city's modernity, it hasn't forgotten its origins and roots. In fact, the "paisas" (a nickname of this area's inhabitants) treasure the legacy of their ancestors.

For that reason, the city celebrates the spectacular Flower Fair every August. You won't want to miss the fair's thrilling combination of tradition and modernity which has helped make Medellín a model for growth and innovation around the world.

This ten-day celebration, which started in 1957, pays tribute to the beautiful flowers that are grown in the area.

At the Desfile de Silleteros, the Fair's main event, you'll see hundreds of locals carrying creative, colorful flower arrangements on their backs. They create the arrangements themselves, with all kinds of flowers.

Each year, thousands of tourists come from all around the world to watch this beautiful parade.

The Medellín Flower Fair also has a number of other charming activities, including culinary demonstrations, concerts given by renowned local and international musicians, and a parade of classic antique cars. These many entertaining events fill the city's streets with color and peculiar contrasts.

The National Trova Festival is also celebrated during the Flower Fair. Trova is a type of music typical of Antioquia. It's unique in that employs elements of improvisation and humor, which make this festival an excellent opportunity for you to have fun while also learning about one of the most important traditions of the Paisa people.

And, if you want to use the Fair to learn more about how to grow flowers or their importance in the area, you have two great options: you can visit the stunning Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden, which has exhibitions of many different types of flowers, including orchids which, as Colombia's national flower, are symbolic throughout the country.

As a second great option, many tourists choose to visit farms found in the outskirts of the city to learn firsthand about the flowers that generations of Antioquian locals have protected and cultivated.

So, don't miss out on your chance to visit Medellín in August. Come learn about the city's festivals, fairs, and other celebrations, and discover the charm that lies in its skillful mix of tradition and modern life. We'll see you there!