Typical Colombian dishes are anything but ordinary, predictable, or simple. They contain nature, diversity, and a very unique taste. Something you can’t imagine takes shape in this country where magic can be felt in every corner. A small taste is enough to get you to want to keep exploring more typical Colombian food. You can start with meat-based dishes, and you’ll fall in love with “carne oreada” from Santander, “mamona” from Villavicencio, “atollado” rice from Cali, “sobrebarriga”, a type of brisket from Medellín, and “sudado”, a type of stew from Tunja. Each one of these preparations tells a story that reveals our fascinating Colombian culture, one that has inspired movies, romances, fashion, and music. There is no doubt that diving into the world of typical Colombian food can transport you to a song, a setting, a melody, or verse. And the verses inspired by the sea have a delicious taste in Colombia, where you’ll find destinations full of fresh, and exotic flavors, in rice, soup, ceviche from the coast of the Pacific and Caribbean oceans and made near the shore of amazing rivers like the Amazon.