In each region of Colombia there is a place that offers a different experience, one of those is commonly called the food market, which in Colombia is known as the market square. The meeting point between tradition and Colombian diversity. Start the tour with this guide!

1. Paloquemao Market Square, "all of Colombia in one place"

visit the Paloquemao square in Bogota Colombia
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Fruit and vegetable stall in Paloquemao Market Square in Bogotá.

With more than 70 years of history, this square, considered one of the main in the country, has a great reception of local visitors and tourists. There are almost 900 stores dedicated to the supply of fresh products such as: flowers, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, grains, herbs, handicrafts, among others, with which the Paloquemao Market Square opens its doors every day in Bogotá.

The flower aisle, one of the most frequented in this food market since dawn, is attended by more than 800 sellers, many of them relatives who have maintained the legacy.

2. La Perseverancia Market Square, a gastronomic attraction in Bogota

Fruit and vegetable stall in the Perseverancia Market Square in Bogotá.
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Fruit and vegetable stall in the Perseverancia Market Square in Bogotá.

This square, declared Cultural Heritage of Bogotá, is one of the largest tourists and gastronomic attractions in the capital of Colombia, because in addition to offering a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, dairy products and grains, it is the meeting point of typical Colombian food.

On the second floor of the La Perseverancia Market Square, there are around 40 stores, 14 of them are restaurants run by cooks who prepare some of the best typical dishes of the region. One of them is Luz Dary Cogollo, a woman from the Colombian Caribbean Coast who appears in the series Street Food Latinoamerica.

What's near La Perseverancia Market Square?

In addition to visiting the square, you can also take advantage of the gastronomic festival that the square holds on the last Friday of each month, where it offers a variety of Colombian cuisine and sale of exotic Colombian fruits and vegetables.

Besides, go around the La Macarena neighborhood and let yourself be enveloped by the bohemian atmosphere of this historic sector of the Colombian capital. Walk near emblematic places, visit art galleries, and enjoy a complete cultural offer.

3. Alameda Gallery, the paradise of 'caleña' gastronom

This square, located in the Alameda neighborhood of Cali, has captivated the attention of locals and tourists for 70 years. More than 4 thousand square meters, 100 stalls that offer fruits, vegetables and meats, and spaces for traditional and international cuisine receive thousands of visitors daily. In the Alameda Gallery you can try traditional dishes such as tamales, stuffed ones, fish stew and broths.

What to do at the Alameda Gallery?

Taste the richness and diversity of fruits and vegetables from the Valle del Cauca region, as well as try typical dishes of the cuisine of Cali. For example, enjoy the famous ‘cholado’, taste the chontaduro, a very typical fruit in Cali, in general, let the exquisite flavors of the Colombian Pacific, invade the palate

4. José María Villa Retail Square, a very famous food market in Medellín

This square in Medellín has 36 years of history. It has more than 100 stores where in addition to finding fruits and vegetables, it is also possible to buy products such as meat, fish and herbs, as well as clothing and footwear. It also has small restaurants where you can try the typical Antioqueño dish, the traditional bandeja paisa.

Tour of the José María Villa Retail Square

You can take advantage of your visit to Medellín and take a tour of different market squares in the city, for example visiting others such as the Central Mayorista and the Placita de Flórez. Also, do a Graffiti Tour in Comuna 13 to contemplate the art, culture, and social urbanism of this part of the city.

5. Lorica Market Square, National Monument of a tourist destination in Colombia

Get to know the wonderful Lorica Market on the banks of the Magdalena River.
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Get to know the wonderful Lorica Market on the banks of the Magdalena River

This square located in Lorica, a tourist, cultural and gastronomic destination of the Colombian Caribbean, it was declared a National Monument, due to the historical, architectural, and documentary value that its building has. Its market square is famous for its typical restaurants, especially because the best bocachico sancochos in the country are prepared here, a fish that is born in the waters of the Sinú River.

What to do near the Lorica Market Square?

In addition to tasting the typical dishes of the region in this square, get to know Santa Cruz de Lorica, considered a Heritage Town of Colombia. The municipality is distinguished by its gastronomy and crafts. It is here where the traditional ‘vueltiao hat’ is made, handicrafts in clay, woven in enea palm, as well as sandals or espadrilles, backpacks, and fabrics in cane arrow.

6. Bazurto Market, Cartagena tradition

This traditional market in the city of Cartagena is worth visiting. It not only offers fish, seafood, meat, and fruits, but also some typical Colombian dishes, clothing and art.

Touring the variety of food stalls in this local market will be like discovering one of Cartagena's hidden treasures. Well, the Bazurto Market has become a site of interest for international visitors.

What to do near the Bazurto Market?

For example, visit the Getsemaní neighborhood and discover the urban art of Cartagena through a Graffiti Tour. Also, walk through the streets of the Historic Center to discover the colonial and colorful houses of this city. Additionally, visit the National Aviary of Colombia, considered the largest in America and the sixth in the world, a place that gathers 190 species of birds.

Continue visiting the best destinations in Colombia and enjoying the history that different places must tell you.