You’ll never find yourself looking for things to do in Colombia, which has undergone a transformation to become a top destination for the LGBT community. For over a decade now Colombia has progressively pushed equal rights forward, including same-sex marriage, which was approved in 2016.

Join us as we explore 7 of the top activities Colombia has to offer that will keep you entertained throughout your entire trip.

Dance in the Biggest Gay Bar in Latin America

Image of a gay bar in Colombia

Check out Theatron, the most famous and popular gay bar in all of Latin America. Theatron has 13 different dance floors and accommodates up to 8,000 people on the weekends, providing the perfect venue for you to let loose and dance the night away. It also hosts multiple special events such as fashion shows, product launches, and musical performances.

Take a Graffiti Tour in Medellin

Image of a graffiti tour in Medellin Colombia

Stroll through Medellin and see how this city has transformed itself through urban regeneration and art. Entire neighborhoods serve as a colorful storyboard for street artists and community members striving to promote hope and peace. This unique tour will tell you the story of this transformation and leave you inspired with stories of how people can come together to create a more prosperous future.

Enjoy a Night Tour of the Walled City of Old Cartagena
Old City Cartagena is a gem that gives off a unique vibe as dusk settles. You and your partner will get to experience all that Old Cartagena has to offer as your guide shows you the vibrant plazas, historic buildings, and fantastic flavors of Old City. Enjoy the sunset over the Caribbean Sea before retiring to one of the city’s many stunning boutique hotels.

Dance in the Streets of Barranquilla
Thousands of people descend upon Barranquilla each year for the Gay Carnival, which takes place in late February, a celebration that has been fought for by many over the years. It’s widely revered as the best party in Colombia for its dances, parades, food, and celebration of the unique fusion of cultures that make up Colombia. Be sure to check out this four-day festival where members of the LGBT community celebrate the social progress that has been made in recent years.

Dance in the Salsa Capital of the World

Cali, Colombia is the salsa capital of the world, with over 200 registered dance schools. Here you and your partner can learn how to dance from some of the most knowledgeable and talented salsa instructors in Colombia. And to capture a full flavor of the culture of this energetic community, be sure to check out the salsa festivals that are frequently held.

Embark on a Tour of Coffee Farms

Image of a coffee farm in colombia

See where your coffee actually comes from, direct from the original source. As the third-leading coffee producer in the world, Colombia is packed with ample opportunities for any coffee lover. You can visit coffee plantations, smaller coffee farms, specialty coffee shops, and towns that are entirely devoted to the coffee industry. Some of the farms even have boutique hotels, where you can truly plunge yourself into the culture. These immersive experiences will teach you about the coffee production process while you enjoy striking landscapes in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Colombia’s coffee landscape is internationally renowned, and it was granted the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site designation in 2011.

Reconnect with Yourself in Beautiful Santander

Image of the streets of barichara santander

Barichara and San Gil are two fascinating towns located about 45 minutes from each other, making it easy to include them in your trip. A visit to these towns is an educational and fun time for you to reconnect with yourself while immersing yourself in Colombian culture as well as thrilling adventure sports. Barichara is lined with cobblestone streets, red tile roofs, and white-washed walls, creating a wonderful architectural environment to explore. San Gil offers a variety of adventure activities for you and your partner to enjoy, including rafting, paragliding and canyoning, all in a gorgeous setting.

Colombia is fast establishing itself as the coolest new LGBT destination. Grab your partner and venture to Colombia for an amazing trip packed with dancing, coffee plantations, gay pride festivals, and adventure activities. It’s sure to be a trip you won’t soon forget. You’ll be planning your return trip in no time at all.