A pair of binoculars and a good field guide are practically all that is necessary to discover the most extraordinary bird species while engaging in bird tourism in the most appropriate of all places: Colombia, the country with the largest bird diversity in the world.

With just 0.1% of the world’s total territory, Colombia has close to 20% of the planet’s birds and is thus a paradise for ornithologists. Over 1,876 species in just one country!

Bird observation and interpretation in Colombia can be carried out in four regions in the company of experts from the Red Nacional de Observadores de Aves (the national network of bird observers), who will take visitors along the best ecological routes. This way, bird lovers have the possibility of observing hummingbirds and anteaters throughout the Andean region (the Eastern Range, the Central Range, the Western Range of the Andes). The highest concentration of endemic birds in Colombia, outstanding among them the Santa Marta small parakeet and antpitta is found in the Caribbean region, specifically in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

But if a tourist prefers to admire the birds of Central and South America, there is no better place than the Pacific region, which is characterized as being a migratory bird corridor. It is also worthwhile to visit the Amazon region; its enormous ecosystem is host to approximately 530 species.

Colombia offers the world and bird lovers a gamut of possibilities for enjoying exceptional natural wealth, embellished by thousands of colors and the songs of birds.