Colombian cycling has been shining, especially for the last decade. As a result, travelers discover how it feels riding into history in Colombia, home of a new generation of passionate Colombian cyclists.

Colombia, a destination of famous cyclists

In the first place, cycling became a national sport in Colombia in the 1960s and 1970s. Since then, it has been considered a cultural tradition, helping to inspire a new wave of Colombian talent.  Before this, famous cyclists such as Egan Bernal and Nairo Quintana are making an impact in the international peloton. Now, discover where they come from and which places are magical for riding into history in Colombia.

Some of the best cycling routes in the country

A beautiful green landscape in Manizales, a city where  tourists can practice Colombian cycling.
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Discover the beautiful green landscapes through the mountains of Colombia.

Because of the soaring mountains, Colombia is one of the world’s best places to ride. For example, in Manizales, you will find the most challenging climb in the country, known as “Alto de Letras”. Also, the Andes region is home to the famous cyclists from Colombia, where you will find difficult ascents punctuated by incredible downhills.

So if you are a bike lover, traveling by bicycle is an amazing way to discover unique places. Now that, take your bike and be prepared to discover amazing landscapes in Colombia:

Cycling in Tolima region

First, test your physical and mental strength while climbing the longest climb on Earth, called “Alto de las Letras”, located at 3,498 meters above sea level with 80 km of ascent. This route starts in Mariquita, a town in the middle of the Tolima region, and ends nearest to the Ruiz Snow Peak.

As can be seen, this route is a great opportunity to discover Honda, a landmark colonial town located 57 miles north of Ibagué in the Tolima region. Known as ‘the city of bridges’, in fact this region boasts 40 bridges in total and is one of the several heritage towns in Colombia.

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Riding into history in Nariño

From San Francisco to Mocoa, you will find a difficult ascent of 30 km. Near this route you will find the Galeras volcano, one of Colombia’s most active volcanoes, 9 km away from Pasto.

Being so close to La Cocha Lake, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore this wonderful place. Located less than an hour from Pasto, you can take a boat tour to see beautiful spots around the lake. Also, a plan to keep in mind is to visit Las Lajas Sanctuary, located just two hours away from Pasto lies, this Gothic church considered a jewel of engineering.

Cycling in Cundinamarca and Boyacá

Now that, come and ride through Boyacá, where many of Colombia’s famous cyclists train. On this route, you will have the privilege to explore Nairo’s home city. The ascent starts in Sesquilé, which will take you across the historic Boyacá Bridge. Then you will head to Tota Lake, one of Colombia’s most beautiful landscapes.

Villa de Leyva, a town in Boyacá where you can practice Colombian Cycling | Colombia Travel

Visit Villa de Leyva, a beautiful colonial town in the Boyacá region.

After this, you will need to prepare your legs for the race. From Tunja to Villa de Leyva you will encounter, an ascent of 40 km. At the end of this great adventure, you should visit Villa de Leyva, a town located in Boyacá which is part of the Colombian National Network Of Heritage Towns. Here you will be able to appreciate a trove of historically preserved colonial buildings.

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Riding into history in El Eje Cafetero

This is the Colombian cycling road to ‘coffee land’. You will cross the Andes mountains to the Colombian coffee lands, and during this journey you will meet a variety of different vegetation and fauna. Moreover, you undoubtedly be impressed by the cultural experiences that Colombia has to offer here.

This journey starts in Manizales, the capital of the Caldas region, well known for hosting a wide variety of cultural events and for being one of the most important bird watching cities in the country.

A park in Quindío, a region where you can enjoy Colombian cycling | Colombia Travel

Enjoy the Coffee Cultural Landscape one of Unesco's World Heritage Lists sites in Colombia.

Then you will dive into the ‘coffee lands’ riding to Quindío, meeting beautiful colonial towns such as Filandia, a town 45 minutes away from Salento. Its colorful architecture, beautiful views of the coffee fields and its proximity to tourist spot called Valle de Cocora will leave you speechless.

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So, what are you waiting for Colombian cycling? This is the perfect opportunity to tour Colombia by cycle and test your mental and physical capabilities, all while having the adventure of a lifetime in Colombia. Take your bike, ride through Colombia and #FeelTheRhythm.