Discover adventure tourism in Colombia and enjoy an adrenaline-fueled experience you’ll remember forever. Explore the country’s rivers, mountains, valleys, and coasts on two oceans, and you’ll soon see why Colombia’s scenery provides such an amazing setting. Here are some of the country’s best extreme sports destinations:

1. Rafting

Image of people rafting on a river

Colombia is an excellent choice for both rafting and canoeing. The country is home to dozens of rivers but three areas stand out, in particular.

The Rio Negro is one of the best places to visit. Two hours from Bogota, in Tobia, Cundinamarca, this river stretches for 6km and is ideal for beginners.

The Fonce and Suarez rivers, near San Gil in Santander, stretch for 10-16km. Beginners tend to head to the Fonce, while the Suarez is blessed with large waves, similar to ocean waves, which offer an extra adrenaline surge.

The Magdalena River crosses almost all of Colombia, from Huila in the south-west to the Atlantic Ocean in the north. It has options for both beginners and experienced athletes to practice these extreme water sports.

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2. Skydiving

Image of a person skydiving

Adventure tourism enthusiasts are addicted to the small town of San Gil. This part of Santander is home to stunning Colombian scenery and, while it is attractive when explored on foot, nothing beats the view from above.

Other top skydiving destinations include the Colombian Caribbean, the city of Cali and the small town of Flandes, in Tolima.

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3. Rock climbing and mountaineering

Image of a woman on top of colombian mountains

The Andes mountains tower over Colombia’s terrain and ensure the country is ideal for both hiking and mountaineering on foot, and ascending and descending rockfaces.

If you love high-altitude mountaineering, you can hike up to 5,000 meters in Colombia. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Purace, El Cocuy, Los Nevados National Natural Park and the Nevado del Huila, Colombia’s highest volcano, are all excellent options, according to Colombia’s Parks Division.

One of the best places to go rock-climbing in Colombia is the small town of Suesca, which is one hour by car from Bogota, or Chicoral, in Tolima.

4. Hydroflying

Image of people flyboarding

One extreme water sport that has become hugely popular in recent years is hydroflying, especially by Flyboard. This hoverboard allows participants to soar above the ocean waves, attached to a jet ski by a length of hose.

The Colombian Caribbean is one of the best places to practice hydroflying, especially in the city of Cartagena. There you’ll not only have unparalleled views of the region’s beaches, but will enjoy the sight of this walled colonial city too.

These are just some of the reasons why Colombia is perfect for an extreme sports vacation. If you’re a fan of adrenaline-fueled adventure, practice extreme sports in Colombia and discover why it’s the top choice for travelers worldwide.


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