Nature and adventure go in hand especially when you are going to explore a new country. Our diversity gives people the opportunity to do their favorite activities in a number of different landscapes; from hiking in snowcapped mountains, swimming in colorful rivers or entering in a whole new underworld in the caves of Santander.
Discover the magic of the underworld in the caves of Santander by exploring these caves located near the town of San Gil:

Cow Cave:

This cave, known in Spanish as “Cueva de Vaca”, is located in the region of Santander, in the town of Curití. This cave offers one of the most intense caving experiences, a labyrinth best explored with hard hats and head-lamps and no fear of getting wet. To explore this cave, you should go with an experienced guide that will lead you through this amazing underworld. There, you will have to swim through a submerged tunnel, get muddy and wet so it is important to bring comfortable shoes, old clothes and all the good energy and attitude you have! This is definitely NOT a trip for those who are claustrophobic or scared of being in small places with other people.

Ancient Cave

Image of barichara streets

“Cueva Antigua”, in Spanish, is a cave located 15 KM from San Gil via Barichara (by the way we highly recommend visiting these two beautiful heritage towns along the way!).
The Ancient Cave tour begins with a walk of approximately 15 minutes, until you reach the site where the adventure begins. There are two options to access the cave, including a 4-meter void jump for the bravest travellers. Once inside the cave, you will be able to appreciate several chambers containing different formations and springs.
The tour in the cave lasts approximately 1 hour and a half. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

The Indian cave:

This cave is known in Spanish as “La Cueva del Indio”. Located in the town of Paramo in the Santander Region this cavern welcomes you into a complete amazing hidden world.
To enter the Cueva del Indio it is necessary to slide on a cable of approximately 80 meters long on the top of a precipice of about 100 meters. Once in the cave, you have to go through several chambers. The first one, is in the absolute darkness where you can hear the sound of the bats –they are harmless-. After the bats chamber, you must go through another one that is full of a sulfurous and heavy mud, followed by a chamber where you can find steep warm water. The main attraction of this cave is the jump of about 10 meters and dive into a dark waterhole 4 meters deep.

How’s that for fun and excitement!? Come and feel the rhythm of Santander