Street art in Bogota is highly-prized and its changing every day. The best way to experience the Colombian capital’s greatest urban artwork is to take a graffiti tour and explore the stories and inspiration behind the art on offer. Here are five reasons why you should head out on a street art tour in Bogota without delay:

1. Fall in love with Colombian artists

Colombia has a rich artistic pedigree and its most successful artists have taken the world by storm. Whether you admire the satirical brilliance of Fernando Botero, famous for his exaggerated proportions, or sculptor and visual art star Doris Salcedo, winner of the Nomura Art Award, it’s clear Colombian artists are making their mark. But not everyone wants to exhibit in a gallery or present their work in traditional ways. Colombia’s graffiti artists are ahead of the game when it comes to using unexpected public spaces to enthuse and inspire a whole new generation of art lovers. Take a graffiti tour in Bogota and you’ll fall in love with the work of Colombian artists you may not see anywhere else.

Graffiti of a Chameleon at Chorro de Quevedo in Bogotá, Graffiti Tour

Discover the most wonderful graffiti art in Bogota

2. Uncover Colombian history

Colombia’s history is as unique as the country itself, full of the kind of passion and pain that inspires truly ground-breaking art. Take a graffiti tour in Bogota and you will find yourself immersed in Colombia’s past as well as its present, as the city’s street artists find new ways to articulate everything the country has experienced. Graffiti artists and collectives including Stinkfish, Lik Mi, DjLu and Lili Cuca are inspired by the lives of the people they paint for and their work often acts as a giant mirror for society. Your guides will tell you the stories behind the art you’re seeing and leave you with a whole new appreciation for Colombia.

3. Support Colombian art lovers

Street artwork always takes on a life of its own. Sometimes one artist will add to another’s work or a wall or building will change its use or owner. The best way to experience stand-out Bogota street art on any given day is with a fellow art lover in the form of your graffiti tour guide. Not only will your guide know where the best and most interesting works in Colombia’s capital are located, they’ll tell you the stories behind them and shed some light on the artists who created them. Many tours operate on a pay-what-you-wish basis too, which means you can choose how much you want to support the Colombian art lover leading your tour.

4. Meet like-minded people

Graffiti in Bogota is both respected and appreciated, which is why the city has become a mecca for street artists, including the international stars who flock to the Andes to paint alongside their Colombian counterparts. Not everyone appreciates street art though. Some visitors prefer the comfort of a traditional gallery and the intimacy of an audio guide. If you are willing to brave the elements to witness the cutting edge of art, you’ll feel right at home on a Bogotá street art tour. Whether you bring a friend or loved one, or you prefer to immerse yourself with no distractions, you’re certain to meet equally open and interesting art lovers.

See amazing colorful graffiti on the Bogotá graffiti tour

Surround yourself with vibrant colors during the graffiti tour.

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5. Experience the Colombian capital

Bogota is a vibrant and fascinating city, filled with complexities and contradictions and the more you can see in a single day, the more you will understand what makes it tick. Not only will a Bogota graffiti tour immerse you in Colombian art, it will allow you to experience the beating heart of the Colombian capital. Look out for eclectic architecture, vendors selling juice made from rare tropical fruits and darkened cafés where the city’s literati created some of their most famous works. You might find yourself accompanied by the strains of salsa music or passing shops filled with curiosities on the way. As always with Colombia, you will take a graffiti tour for the street art but you will experience so much more.