Guatape is a little town located in the Antioquia department in Colombia. It is known as one of the most colorful and beautiful towns in the country. 
Before Iberian conquerors reached the Antioquia area in the sixteen century, the territory was inhabited by indigenous groups, and ruled by “Guatape”. Guatape was the head of the tribe and so the town was named after him. 
Guatape was founded in October 4th in 1811, and has evolved politically and economically throughout the years. At the beginning of time, it was a farming town where its economy depended on agriculture and mining activities. Later in 1970, a large hydroelectric complex was built in Guatape which helped the village develop and create stunning scenic views. Guatape became one of the most important electric production centers in the country. 
When you are planning your trip to Guatape, you should take into consideration the following activities:  

•    Climb “La Piedra del Peñón”: It is a 220 meters high rock located two kilometers away from Guatape. If you want to get a great view of the town, you must climb 740 steps to the top of the rock to enjoy the scenery. There are souvenirs stores and a restaurant where you can eat and take in the amazing view.
•    If you are more into water sports, you can explore the lake by kayak or practice paddle boarding in the calm waters. There you can explore the multitude of small islands. 
•    Walk among the “Zocalos”. Those are the lower parts of the houses, and they are very common in Guatape because all of them are painted in different bright colors since the twentieth century. Some of the designs are only in colors and some others have animal or flowers shapes on them. 
Guatape is a picturesque town that has a small square called “Plaza de los Zocalos”. There you will find colorful buildings and one of the best coffees in the region.