Colombia is ready to greet you with a beaming smile, a hot cup of coffee and the boundless warmth of its people, giving you the most memorable of experiences.

Colombians will always greet you with a smile on their face, are more than willing to help anyone who might need it and will no doubt share with you that joy they carry within them, making you feel right at home.

Each region has unique characteristics that its inhabitants often reflect through their personality and outlook on life, the one thing that remains the same is their kindness and warmth. Join us for a brief tour of Colombia’s 6 tourism regions and the people that’ll welcome you in each one of them.

Western Colombian AndesMountains of coffee and flowers, people as warm as coffee

The most welcoming place on Earth greets you with the best coffee ever
Photo by ProColombia

Visit Colombia’s coffee region to uncover the secrets beneath this delicious beverage.

Colombian coffee enjoys quite the level of world renown thanks to its soft taste and outstanding quality, which—believe it or not—are attributes also shared by the people who inhabit the region it’s grown in; a region that transforms society and aims to create a bright future rooted in tradition. This region, in which you’ll find cities like Armenia, Pereira, Manizales and Medellin, you’ll also find kind, friendly people ready to make you feel right at homeThose who come visit will meet friendly farmers to share delightful conversations and cups of the world’s best coffee with. 

Greater Colombian CaribbeanMuch more than Caribbean, smiling as ever

Cartagena’s palenqueras are a symbol of the most welcoming place on Earth
Photo by susinger

Inhabitants of Colombia’s coasts are known for their joyfulness

A welcoming land where summer never ends: warm temperatures, a fresh breeze, paradise-like beaches and joyful people, home to fascinating cultures, indigenous and raizal people, to carnivals and music, to sacred archeological sites, to García Márquez’s inspiration and to the world’s most beautiful colonial city. Those who inhabit this region are people that’ll treat you like lifelong friends from the moment you meet; cheerful greetings and countless smiles make up their routines. They live for music, and the typical rhythms of Colombia flow through their veins and can be heard in their iconic song-like accent. Once there, just let yourself go with the flow and soon you’ll feel like a true Colombian who enjoys every aspect of life.

Colombian Pacific: Flavors of forest and sea, a true natural paradise

Humpback whales in the Colombian Pacific
Photo by ProColombia

Humpback whales travel all the way from Antarctica between July and November each year to give birth to their calves in warm Colombian waters.

Upon visiting the Colombian Pacific—definitely Colombia’s best-kept secret—you’ll soon fall under this region’s joyful spell. Just the city of Cali, capital of Salsa, with its gastronomy and festivals, will take you on a vibrant journey of flavor and dance moves that its inhabitants will be more than happy to share with you.

Beyond the city and the rainforest, you’ll get a unique opportunity to admire majestic beings that’ll leave you in awe: humpback whales. These honored visitors join us between July and November each year to give birth to their calves in the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific. Their jumps are without a doubt one of life’s most amazing spectacles, the kind only a megadiverse paradise such as this one could offer.

Eastern Colombian AndesLegendary valleys and moors, brimming with history and culture

Villa de Leyva is one of the most beautiful towns you’ll visit in the most welcoming place on Earth
Photo by Hugo Brizard - YouGoPhoto

Villa de Leyva’s colonial architecture will take you on a journey across the ages.

The Eastern Colombian Andes are the place where history and modernity meet, what with heritage towns such as Villa de Leyva and Barichara, as well as modern metropolises like the capital city, Bogota, which is itself home to ancient legends like that of El Dorado.

In this region, defined by the mountain range’s various moors and valleys, you’ll find sweet people who, despite a slight shyness, are more than willing to share with you the warmth of their home and soft, kind words that resonate with the mountainous tranquility. This region is also home to quiet, helpful farm people who treat their crops and animals with the utmost respect. Without a doubt, you’ll wish to return every time you visit Colombia.

The Colombian Amazon-OrinocoSacred rainforests and plains, Colombia’s green heart

: The Colombian Amazon rainforest is one of the most stunning ecosystems in the most welcoming place on Earth
Photo by SL-Photogrphy

The Colombian Amazon’s natural and cultural richness is truly astounding.

The Amazon-Orinoco is Colombia’s green heart, a mind-blowingly huge and diverse region consisting of age-old rainforests, imposing skies and formidable rivers, where you’ll enjoy one of the world’s best nature tourism destinations.

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The southern half of the Colombian Amazon-Orinoco is inhabited by indigenous communities that are more than willing to share with you the secrets of the rainforest and provide you with ancestral wisdom that’ll make you feel immense respect and love for their land.

This is perhaps the country’s least-populated region, but that doesn’t mean the warmth of Colombian people can’t be felt there. Upon visiting, you’ll find lots of Colombians from different parts of the country that have moved there for various reasons but that are all delighted to call this place home.

The River of Five Colors flows to greet you at the most welcoming place on Earth
Photo by Kirill Trubitsyn

The Sierra de la Macarena is home to this fascinating river

The northern half of this region is defined by wild plains that stretch beyond the horizon, where cattle and native species share the rich land. Colombia’s Eastern Plains cover various departments and are home to the famous River of Five Colors: Caño Cristales. This is one of the country’s most impressive tourist destinations, where the water takes on countless hues as it flows over the colorful algae that grows below. Colombians who inhabit this region are known for their solidarity and commitment, and are always happy to give you a smile as they share the many aspects of life on the plains.

The Colombian Massif: Ancestral origins, timeless Andean wisdom

Popayan, the White City of Colombia, welcomes its visitors with the ancestral culture that defines it
Photo by ProColombia

Archeological sites and the enduring heritage of ancestral communities and traditions will surely transform your outlook on life.

Welcome to the cradle where ancient Andean traditions and wisdom were born and still thrive today. Here you’ll find archeological sites like San Agustín and Tierradentro, where you’ll travel back to a timeless land.

This region is home to people that hold ancestral indigenous wisdom close to their heart and that will share with all visitors the traditions and culture that are bound to open up their minds.

So go ahead and come visit the country that’s always happy to greet you.