Planning your next family holiday? Check out Colombia, the second most biodiverse country in the world with many treasures to discover. Amazon-Orinoco is the green region, where rivers punctuate the jungle and plains, and its people live in harmony with nature.

The most amazing thing about this region is that travelers can enjoy new experiences every day. Amazon-Orinoco is a universe of natural beauty, carefully protected by the native people. There are many places to visit in this region, so we recommend for your family holiday to last at least five days.

How to get to the Colombian Amazon?

 If it’s your first time in the region, you must know that Leticia is the main port of arrival in the Amazon. You can travel from Bogotá (El Dorado International Airport) on direct flights.

The flight lasts approximately 2 hours. You can buy your tickets at Avianca, LATAM Colombia, or Satena airlines.

Once you get to Leticia (Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport), you will have to pay a Tourist Tax and then take a taxi to the city.

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Where to stay in the Colombian Amazon?

 Sometimes it's hard to choose a place to stay on a family holiday. Thus, we recommend boutique hotels, eco-friendly places where you and your family can have a relaxing and peaceful time together.

Some of those places even offer their guests plenty of activities to do and have fun. Some include sailing down the Amazon River, trying local food, and doing workshops.

Places to visit the Amazon in Colombia

 In 2011, the Colombian Amazon was declared one of the 7 Wonders of the Worldanother incredible reason to visit and marvel at its beauty.

Thus, we recommend you begin your journey at this stunning ecotourism destination with Leticia, the capital of the Amazon department.  Here you can find ‘Tres Fronteras’, a point where Colombia, Brazil, and Peru come together.

Then, you can visit the ethnographic museum, travel the river, visit natural reserves, and take part in the indigenous handicraft workshops in Leticia. You can also visit villages such as Tabatinga (Brazil) and Santa Rosa (Peru).

In Puerto Nariño, a small municipality, you can visit Lagos de Tarapoto y Loretoyacu, a wetland resort where you can see pink river dolphins and many other species. You can encounter indigenous villages like Ticuna, Yagua, and Cocama.

There’s an indigenous inside a cave, a place that you’ll see during your family holiday in the Amazon.
Credit: ProColombia

An indigenous from the Amazon inside a cave.

Leading editorial: Lagos de Tarapoto y Loretocayu  were declared as the first Ramsar wetland -- an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands -- in the Amazon in 2018.

 If you’re are a nature-loving family, don’t miss the Calanoa natural reserve. Here you can meet indigenous communities: the Ticuna, Cocama, Huitoto, and Bora. Cruise down the river and visit San Martín de Amacayu and Palmeras, two villages in the middle of the jungle.

Another plan you can enjoy after this amazing experience is visiting Tanimboca, a reserve where you can learn about Amazon conservation and try the local food. Spend a day in its ecolodge and have some fun going on night hikes and seeing animals that only come out at night.

Likewise, another breathtaking nature reserve is Victoria Regia, a spot with plenty of paths to the lake so you can have a closer look at the lotus flower and the Victoria amazonica (a type of water-lily). This place is perfect for people who want to look over the landscapes and enjoy the fauna and flora.

Leading editorial: Did you know that the name was given in honor of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom?

Last but not least, pay a visit to Tucuchira Natural Reserve, a place where you can see the Ticuna indigenous people and their villages: Yagua, Progreso, Loma Linda, Nuevo Jardín, and Santa Sofía.

You will find a variety cultural and environmental projects, such as handcraft workshops, fauna and flora sighting, and agro-tourism activities.

A tourist looks at the Victoria Amazonica, during her family holiday.
Credit: Jesse Kraft/

Victoria Amazonica, a flower from the Amazon.

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No matter which season you are planning to visit the Colombian Amazon, you always will find a reason to come back and keep bonding with your family.

Therefore, to have the best time on your family holiday, we recommend you to buy a tour of the Colombian Amazon. There are different destinations included in the tour packages, so you can choose the best one that fit your expectations.

With these tours you can visit the all the places we have mentioned. Besides, you can visit indigenous villages, have a night safari, kayak, go canopying, and more.

So, let’s start the family holiday of your lives right away. And, don’t forget to make sure to confirm the reliability of the tour company you choose.

Find squirrel monkeys on your family holiday.
Credit: Jesse Kraft/

A mother with her baby squirrel monkey in Isla de los Micos.

Tips for family time in Colombia

Colombia is a gorgeous place to travel, but just like other places, you must be sure that everything is in order:

  • Get the yellow fever vaccination

  • pack hats, sunscreen, and insect repellent

  • consider flying to reach your destination

  • bring your travel medicine cabinet

  • stay well hydrated

  • and if a member of your family has food allergies, always ask about the ingredients of your meals. 

 With these guides and tips, you will be more than ready to have the most amazing family holiday in the Amazon.

Colombia is the most welcoming place on earth, so come with your family and find its natural treasures well preserved. Explore them and bring home unforgettable experiences.