The Pacific Region in Colombia has the ideal geographic location and weather conditions for the humpback whales to spend their mating season.

Every year between June and July, hundreds of whales travel around 8.000 kilometers from the Antarctic and South of Chile to the Pacific Coast.

Humpback whales travel looking for warmer waters to give birth to their calves, and teach them how to breathe and swim. Then, they start to mate again. This year in early June, the first group of whales were seen at the Gorgona National Park in the Pacific Coast. However, three thousand more are expected to arrive during the next three months. 
The whale calves measure four meters in length and weigh approximately a ton and a half. When they become adults, they measure between eighteen and thirteen meters in length and they can weigh up to forty tons. 

Despite the whales’ huge size, whale watching is a safe activity as long as people keep an appropriate distance from them. Whale watching is considered one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in Colombia. 

The most famous whale watching destinations in Colombia are:

•    Bahia Solano: It is located in the department of Choco. It has a wide offer of hotels and tours with specialized equipment and guides that give travelers a wonderful whale watching experience.

•    Nuquí: It is also located in Choco. It has a strategic location for whale watching. In Nuquí, there are many beaches such as Guachalito, Coqui, Joyi and Morromico. This is an ideal place for those who love nature and wild life. 

•    Gorgona National Natural Park: Located in the department of Cauca. It is a small island declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. This park is home to 147 bird species, over 100 insect species and more than 500 species of marine fauna. 


Whales in Colombia


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