There is a magical world with a lot of ranches, where reality merges with fiction. Wherein the beaches are covered by a rich layer of freshwater, the sweeping landscapes take your breath away, and the most beautiful sunsets in the world take place. Here, horses become your best friends, you can herd the cows, and watch the capybaras running free. These are Colombia's Eastern Plains, home of the traditional Hatos.


What is an Hato?

The Hatos are traditional ranches located in the Colombian Amazon-Orinoco region, home to authentic Latin cowboys. If you ever visit one, you will experience a mix of a typical day of the local cowboy and the freedom of enjoying the outdoors, without losing the comforts of modern life (WIFI, TV or bilingual guides.) 

To get into the role of the authentic cowboy, you will do activities such as horseback riding, herding cattle, observe exotic animals, and birdwatching. By the end of the day, you’ll just sit and relax while staring at the sunset. Trust us, there isn’t a western movie that beats a visit to the colombian Hatos Llaneros

To prepare for your dream trip to the Plains, we recommend Colombia’s 5 best Hatos Llaneros.


Hato San Pablo

The Hato San Pablo is a ranch on the banks of the Cravo Sur River, home to multiple species that will delight you non-stop. In this hato tradition, adventure and modernity converges, and its livestock approach makes it the ideal place to have an unparalleled cowboy experience.  

Their most outstanding activities: 

  • Horseback riding
    Riding alongside native plainsmen, through the most beautiful trails in the region, wild animals, birds, and breathtaking landscapes, is what awaits you in this magnificent experience. 

  • Sports
    Paddle, tennis, volleyball, hiking, bicycle tours are the order of the day. 

  • Plain work
    You can get into the skin of a real cowboy, helping to carry out the daily activities of a cattle ranch such as herding cattle, classifying, or branding them. 


Credit: Hato San Pablo / Instagram


Natural Reserve "El Encanto de Guanapalo”

Made up of almost 9,000 hectares of protected land, this is the ideal place to live an encounter with nature safely and pleasantly.  

The Natural Reserve "El Encanto de Guanapalo" is home to 3 imposing hatos, which will make you sigh with their splendid views of different parts of the reserve: Mata de Palma, Altamira, and Montana Hatos are the heart of the "Encanto de Guanapalo", and on whose foundations rests a family legacy of love and care for traditions and nature.  

In this beautiful place there is much to do and enjoy, the most outstanding options are:

  • Llanero Safari
    Whether on horseback, by tractor, or in a 4×4 truck, in the Llanero Safari, you will be able to glimpse typical animals such as capybaras, deer, alligator, wild horses, anteaters, herons, iguanas, ducks, howler monkeys, owls, armadillos, foxes, wild pigs, and cougars.
  • Bird Watching
    With 270 registered bird species, this is the ideal place to practice bird watching; there is no excuse for not knowing the species since the reserve has an environmental interpreter who will guide you in all this process and will show the home of the most exotic species.
  • Curiara rides
    Discover first-hand the secrets of the plains. You can live an incredible experience taking rides in curiaras (traditional boats) accompanied by a professional guide. 


Credit: Eco Hotel La Fortuna / Instagram


Savanna Orinoquía Lodge

Savanna Orinoquía Lodge is a luxury hato located on the banks of the Cravo Sur river and the Canacabare river, its Bungalow-type accommodations with exclusive amenities such as a private pool, make this hato a place to reconnect with nature without losing comfort and exclusivity.  

In this luxurious hato llanero surrounded by endemic nature, there is much to do and enjoy, being the most outstanding options:  

  • Horseback Riding
    Ideal for immersing yourself in the cowboy's lifestyle, on top of your horse, you will be able to enjoy the day-to-day life of authentic cattlemen.
  • Parranda Llanera
    Live an authentic cowboys celebration accompanied by llano work songs, intangible heritage of humanity.
  • Rides In Bongo
    You will be able to live an aquatic experience of union with nature aboard the bongos (canoes), through the magnificent Canacabare and Cravo Sur rivers.


Credit: Savanna Orinoquía Lodge / Instagram


Ecolodge Colombia Juan Solito

The Ecolodge Colombia Juan Solito, is a small boutique hato inside the "La Aurora" Nature Reserve, located near the Ariporo River. With a traditional architecture, this ecolodge offers rooms in tune with nature, satisfying each traveler who visits them.  

In this ranch you can enjoy iconic experiences, highlighting:  

  • Llanero Safari
    Imagine the traditional African Safari Tour, but in the immensity of the Colombian Plains. Wild animals, exotic birds, and certified guides are what awaits you in this marvelous experience of the Safari of the plain.
  • Horseback Riding
    Horseback riding has never been so relaxing. Fill yourself with love for nature, with the immense landscapes and the unbeatable views offered by the Colombian plains. 
  • Hiking 
    You can explore the permanent paths of the reserve accompanied by a certified guide, who will show you the meeting points of different wild animals, including hundreds of birds. Nurturing your Instagram has never been so much fun.


Credit: Hato La Aurora / Instagram


La Fortuna EcoHotel

The mission of this ranch/nature reserve is to preserve the environment and the cowboy customs of the Colombian plain, offering traditional activities that will make you live an authentic experience.   

The most memorable activities of Ecohotel La Fortuna are:  

  • Moon Melodies 
    Nights of orality next to a campfire, live music, storytellers, and traditional liquors, is what awaits you in these moon melodies.
  • Aquatic Hiking
    walk along the freshwater beaches from Cravo Sur river; you will be able to discover hidden treasures in its resplendent grains of sand.


Credit: Eco Hotel La Fortuna / Instagram


In addition to this, many hatos offer private flight services in small planes that will place you at the gates of paradise.   

Visit the Hatos Llaneros, the home of the authentic herdsmen!



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