Colombia is a country of jaw-dropping landscapes that imprint themselves on the mind of any traveler lucky enough to see them. One of the country’s most spectacular sights is that of its immense oceans, lapping against the sands of both its Caribbean and Pacific coasts. These untamed seas have turned the country into a playground for devotees of watersports, particularly scuba diving in Colombia

Whether you’re a keen diver or you want to learn and become qualified in the sport, Colombia has a marine ecosystem for every taste and ability. Here are our top tips for scuba diving in Colombia, to help you experience the country’s astonishing diversity and feel the rhythm like you’ve stepped into another world.

Malpelo Island 

Malpelo Island is an unmissable choice for scuba diving. It boasts some of the Pacific Ocean’s most important and intricate coral formations and is home to thousands of marine animals. This tiny island is famous for being circled by sharks. Divers from across the world travel to Malpelo to swim with hammerheads and silky sharks in an unusual and fascinating ecosystem that is extremely challenging for divers. 

To scuba dive at Malpelo, you must have obtained a two-star diving certificate and completed a minimum number of dives. It’s also essential to dive with a flashlight, dive computer, whistle, signal buoy and GPS system. There are no night dives and diving groups are limited to a maximum number of six people, plus an instructor or guide.

This incredible place has been a protected as a wildlife sanctuary since 1995 and was categorized as a fragile marine area by the International Maritime Organization in 2002. The island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.

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The crystal clear waters of Providencia island, in the Caribbean Sea, are an increasingly popular place to snorkel, scuba dive and practice a diverse range of watersports. The stunning coral reef that encloses this island is the third largest in the world, a pristine stretch of more than 30km that provides a refuge for more than 400 marine species. 

Scuba divers here swim amongst tropical fish, turtles, octopus and reef sharks and can examine everything they see in minute detail, thanks to the clarity of the island’s crystalline seas. That’s one reason why Providencia is the ideal place for novice divers to perfect their technique. 

If you are keen to learn to scuba dive then the island’s ‘Sea of Seven Colors’, named for its multiple shades of turquoise and blue, is a great place to start. There are dive schools dotted across Providencia with everything a beginner needs to learn and take advantage of one of the richest marine ecosystems in Colombia.

Experience the stunning natural beauty of the Sea of Seven Colors.

Santa Marta – Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Natural Park, close to the picturesque city of Santa Marta, is another unmissable spot for fans of scuba diving. The park, home to the world’s highest coastal mountain range, offers excellent diving destinations too such as Taganga, Playa Blanca, Concha Bay, Chengue and Aguja Island, all of them brimming with marine life. 

Tayrona is the best-loved place to go scuba diving in Colombia, mostly thanks to its natural richness and long stretches of white sandy beaches lapped by the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. It’s also an easy place to access, with flights operating into Santa Marta airport from many regions of the country. 

Certified diving schools in the area attract both novices and seasoned pros keen to experience one of the most diverse diving spots in Colombia. The warm waters of the Caribbean means they don’t have to wear a wetsuit and can focus their attention on spotting the numerous creatures of the deep.  

Colombia is a world class diving destination. Whether you’re passionate about scuba diving or a beginner keen to immerse yourself in the sport, you’ll find idyllic diving spots and watersports hubs. So grab your swimsuit and your flippers and prepare to explore the unknown. Who knows what surprises await you in the stunning world beneath the waves. Come and feel the rhythm of colombian waves!