Colombia is home to fun and friendly people, stunning scenery and fascinating history, all of which makes for unique vacation snaps. Why not immortalize the country by visiting the top 10 most Instagrammable places in Colombia and sharing them with the world?

Tota Lake, Boyaca

Image of tota lake boyacá

Photo Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo

Tota Lake’s stunning white sandy beaches mean your followers might mistake it for the sea, rather than a lake 15km south of Sogamoso. Take the ultimate selfie here by taking a boat to the very center.

Cartagena’s historic center

Image of Cartagena in Colombia

Cartagena’s historic center makes for some of the most vibrant holiday snaps in Colombia. Besides its architectural charm, Cartagena boasts warm weather all year round so you can take a selfie in your best summer threads.

The Lost City, Magdalena

Image of the lost city in Santa Marta

Photo: Charly Boillot

These indigenous ruins are the perfect ‘picture postcard’ scene of any trip to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. The Lost City hike takes four to six days and ends with a stunning view across its ancient circular terraces.

La Candelaria, Bogota

Image of la candelaria in Bogotá

This charming colonial quarter is one of the capital’s most photographed spots. Capture the essence of its narrow streets and nostalgic façades and, of course, the activities in the lively Plaza de Bolivar.

Villa de Leyva’s Plaza Mayor

Image of villa de leyva in Bogotá

Photo: Mario Carvajal 

From the fountain in its center to the flagstones as far as the eye can see, and an iconic church at the foot of distant hills, it’s impossible not to be charmed by one of the Americas’ largest public squares.

Punta Gallinas, La Guajira

Image of punta gallinas la guajira

Every La Guajira visitor wants to reach Punta Gallinas, South America’s most northerly point. Capture that special moment with shots of its deserted sand dunes, endless sandy beaches and ferocious Caribbean Sea.

Quindio’s Cocora Valley

Image of the cocora valley

Photo: ProColombia

Pictures of huge wax palms dotting an Andes mountain valley takes some beating. There’s no need to filter the awe-inspiring sight of Colombia’s giant national tree, nor the shadow of the condors circling overhead.

Guatape, Antioquia

Image of guatape antioquia

Climb the enormous Peñol stone, eighty kilometers from Medellin. The spectacular view from the top of this rock takes in the traditional wall art (zócalos) and multi-colored façades of nearby Guatape, one of Colombia’s most colorful towns.

Barichara, Santander

Image of barichara santander

Cobbled streets and colonial architecture will transport your followers to another era. The timeless Santa Barbara and San Antonio chapels set against the rolling hills here make for the perfect photo shoot. 

Earn the envy of everyone who follows your snaps and immortalize places to visit in Colombia through your social media feed. Whichever spot you choose, Colombia’s most instagrammed places will provide you with photographs and memories for life.

Isla Tintipan’s House on the Water

A tiny hostel in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by crystalline waters and darting tropical fish. You’ll need to Instagram your photographs of this place, two hours from Cartagena, just to prove it exists.


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