If you want to get to know a different perspective of urban Bogotá and its youthful artistic expressions, you can't miss the Graffiti Tour in Bogotá. This project, which mesmerizes both national and foreign tourists, was born in 2011, thanks to the initiative of the Australian Christian Petersen, who, admiring the quality of the graffiti, decided to shape this collective.


Graffiti and its history in the city of Bogotá

In Bogotá, behind the graffiti, there is a whole culture that enriches itself year after year with its own language full of meaning. With about 8,000 artists, this community emerges as a seed of peace that closely monitors political events to be ready to react, making critiques through art.


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These marvelous works of street art range from graffiti tags, which are signatures of individuals or names of groups formed with their own style, to hand-painted murals with spray paint that rise high and wide on the walls of masterfully located constructions, offering the city a spectacle full of creativity.


Graffiti tour in Bogotá.


The transformation of the city through art

And as everything tends to improve in Bogotá, graffiti artists have transformed numerous walls that were previously painted clandestinely and vandalically, turning them into true jewels of the Bogotan collective imagination. Now, property owners hire local artists, brimming with color, to paint their walls.

This new artistic wave allows us to experience conflicting sensations of beauty and brutality, joy and pain, the eternal dichotomy of history. The unity of artists now presents itself to the world with a unique personality that surprises visitors.


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In the Graffiti Tour in Bogotá, you can find simple designs and patterns, advertisements, and walls loaded with political reflections on events from our recent years.

To make sense of everything you see, since graffiti artists generally create their works for themselves or for people in their own community, we recommend that you schedule a guide who will take you to the emblematic places. Thus, at the Parque de los Periodistas - located in the city center - on carrera 4 with calle 17, the guides await you and can give the tour in English, French, German, and Spanish. Currently, you can choose between two tours, one at 10:00 a.m. and another at 2:00 p.m.

The Graffiti Tour in Bogotá takes an average of two and a half hours. The tours are free, and the community accepts donations (between $20,000 and $30,000 Colombian pesos), which are intended for its progress. You can use bicycles or walk. You also have the option to hire a private tour, which costs $200,000 Colombian pesos, for one to five people.


Graffiti tour in Bogotá.


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To take the Graffiti Tour in Bogotá, we suggest you bring an umbrella, sunscreen, and a camera, as you won't be able to resist immortalizing magical and unique places in our city. This tour is undoubtedly one of the best activities you can do in Bogotá.