Experience Colombian tourism from another perspective. Play your favorite sport in one of the many diverse landscapes this beautiful country has to offer.

The ‘sports version’ of Colombian tourism

Lights, camera, action: A pair of tennis shoes run along a path, dodging around the tree roots protruding from a fertile landscape covered in tropical plants. The runner’s breathing quickens, their legs move faster and faster until, suddenly, they stop.

The sun shines, a smile lights up the screen, a dash of breeze moves the person’s hair and a pair of hands touch the earth. The sound of a waterfall breaks the silence. Drops of water hit the rocks, next to a green mountain. Its emerald color glistens with freedom.

This is Colombian tourism experienced through sport, charming those who love hiking and running, and are keen to discover enchanting locations surrounded by nature.

If you’re ready to be the star of your own action movie on your trip to Colombia, here we recommend four fantastic locations for trying new sports, in surroundings that have to be seen to be believed.

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Colombia is the setting for thousands of action movies playing out at the same time. There is something for everyone: those who like extreme sports, those who love fresh air, and those intent on a spot of relaxation. For every traveler, every star of their own movie, here are our four recommendations:

The Chicamocha Canyon

Man on a bicycle observing paragliders in Chicamocha canyon.

Hundreds of years ago the Chicamocha Canyon was a prehistoric space covered in a vast lake and populated by marine animals.

Today it is defined by water and wind which, with the ravages of time, have transformed the area into the world’s second largest canyon and the ideal setting for adventure.

Situated in the department of Santander, this jewel in the crown of Colombian tourism is surrounded by enticing heritage towns, including Barichara, San Gil and Aratoca; places that have inspired scenes in famous movies and are perfect for hiking and other sports.

Back to the canyon and it doesn’t take much to imagine flying through the air here, witnessing the immensity of its incomparable depths from the sky, as the birds here have done for millennia. Paragliding is, unsurprisingly, one of the region’s most popular activities.

Once you’ve had a taste of paradise from above, you can prolong the adventure by visiting Barichara, one of the prettiest towns in Colombia, and enjoy architecture worthy of a period film. You can also visit San Gil and experience the power and ferocity of the Fonce River with white water rafting.

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The waterfall at the end of the world: A hidden paradise

Colombia’s End of the World Waterfall.

In the midst of the Colombian Amazon-Orinoco region, close to the jungle town of Mocoa, sits a treasure few travelers ever get to experience. Surrounded by virgin forest and rare flora and fauna o is a waterfall known as the End of the World Waterfall.

Colombia’s famous endemic bird species fly in the sky, weaving their way through fronds of thick jungle, and the region is home to ancient indigenous communities willing to share their knowledge, culture and beliefs with hikers and adventurers who make the trip.

A visit to the End of the World Waterfall is a standout experience for hikers, who first travel overland to Mocoa and tend to stay in a hostel known as The Portal to the End of the World, which sounds, accurately, like the start of a treasure hunt.

From there it’s possible to take a cable car and begin your adventure. Hikers begin their walk through virgin jungle, encountering rare endemic species and lush tropical vegetation before making their way to the object of their trip: The End of the World Waterfall.

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Bogota DC ‘cycling tourism’

Tourists enjoying cycle tourism in Colombia.

It’s 2,600m above sea level and its the largest city in Colombia: its beloved cultural capital. Here art, architecture and the eastern range of the Andes mountains combine to offer a charming setting to explore.

Bogotá is a big city. Discovering it takes time and the best way to do it is on foot or by bicycle, or “steel horse” as bicycles are affectionately known in Colombia.

If cycling around the city stirs up your interest for a bigger bicycle challenge, head out to the Alto de Patios, which offers a fearsome 9km ascent in order to enjoy one of the best views of Bogotá, from the viewpoints of La Calera. Reward yourself with a delicious meal or beverage here, and capture the moment with a dizzying cycle selfie.

Nuqui, one of the best ecotourism sites in Colombia

Man with a surfboard walking on the sand in Nuqui.

Deep in the Colombian Pacific, more than 370km from Bogotá, is a small town in the department of Choco called Nuquí. The best way to arrive is by small plane and your first impression will likely be to wonder, as a thick carpet of forest extends out to the crashing waves of the sea, making an ideal setting for Colombia’s biodiverse wildlife.

The charm of this place speaks for itself. There is so much to explore. Animals lovers and wildlife enthusiasts in search of Colombian tourism, in particular, head to Nuqui so they can welcome the humpback whales that migrate here every year, between July and November.

There are plenty of opportunities for sport and relaxation too. Visitors can meditate, take nature walks, and relax in the company of the area’s wildlife, as well as take kayaks out into the mangroves or the ocean, and do a spot of surfing.

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