Traveling Colombia means visiting incredible places and enjoying unique cultural experiences. More and more people are visiting the country each year and doing so in comfort and style. Here are the top destinations for your luxury vacation in Colombia.

Exclusive experiences under the stars

Glamping, which brings a touch of glamor to the experience of camping in the great outdoors, is one of the most on-trend luxury vacations you can enjoy in Colombia.

This stylish vacation, where glampers enjoy nature tourism without sacrificing their comfort, is perfect in locations “where it is difficult to build large-format hotels” according to Marcelo Peláez, regional director of Small Hotels with Charm by Prestige.

Guasca, Suesca and the Tatacoa desert are among Colombian tourism destinations that offer glamping for travelers and holidaymakers in pursuit of unique experiences.

DiscoverDestinations to go camping in Colombia.

Glamping in Suesca, Cundinamarca

Enjoy special moments in glamping accommodations in Suesca Colombia
Photo by Sergey Krasnoshchokov

Discover the wonderful experience of different glamping accommodations in Colombia.

The founders behind Niddo, a glamping ground in Suesca, Cundinamarca, wanted a place where visitors could be at one with nature in the heart of the Andes mountains. When the project started, there were no comfortable places to host guests in high quality accommodation in the area. “Glamping was ideal,” Niddo manager Manuel Rosas said. “It’s a great way to have a low impact on the environment.”

Niddo offers access to nature, relaxation and the opportunity for guests to completely disconnect. It has 10 units, known as ‘nests’, each of which has a private bathroom, beds with 300-thread count sheets, a heater and a hot drinks’ station.

Niddo wants visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s natural beauty. There are opportunities to take a yoga class in the forest, tour caves, follow ecological trails, go mountain biking, and visit the ‘massage nest’, with all the services of a luxury spa.

Climbing and kayaking in Guasca, Cundinamarca

Nature and adventure tourism: woman climbing a mountain in Guasca Colombia

Suesca is a great destination for nature and adventure travelers.

Another Colombian town in high demand for its adventure tourism, and access to nature, is Guasca, also in Cundinamarca. Guasca is home to two glamping grounds, including Maloca and El Monte Teepe, both of which are surrounded by a stunning native forest that offers the opportunity to relax and disconnect.

Maloca invites its guests to experience their dream rural escape. The chance to gather around a campfire, take romantic sailboat rides, go kayaking and take rock climbing classes with expert instructors, are among the activities on offer.

Monte Teepe gives its guests access to soothing thermal waters as well as the chance to practice yoga and go paragliding, horseback riding and fishing.

Luxury accommodation in Colombia’s Tatacoa desert

The Tatacoa desert, in Huila, has distinct red and ocher tones and a stunning view of the stars. It’s another must-visit Colombian tourist destination that can now be enjoyed in comfort, thanks to the Bethel Bio Luxury Hotel.

The resort offers three accommodation options, each of them unique. The ‘Bio Egg’ is shaped like a giant egg, inspired by the dinosaurs that once roamed the area. It has a fabulous terrace, where guests can study the more than five million stars visible in the night sky. Visitors can also stay in Bethel House, a charming, one hundred-year-old wooden house, or opt to go glamping in a cabin with a private terrace for star-gazing.

Horseback riding, relaxing massages, astronomical walks, cycling, ATV tours and visits to Tatacoa’s Astronomical Observatory are among the activities on offer.

Sun and beach vacations on private islands

Take your relaxation to the max, and experience a high-end vacation by the sea on a private island in one of Colombia’s best loved national parks. The Rosario and San Bernardo Islands, a Natural National Park, are a 45-minute boat ride from Cartagena.

Visitors will fall in love with their secluded white sands and the chance to scuba dive and snorkel amid schools of colorful fish. The islands are the ideal place to enjoy a meal cooked by a personal chef, relax with a cocktail and explore a tropical eco-system.

The Isla Rosa, the Casa en el Mar, Pelicano, Gigi, Matamba, Baru 011, Bendita Beach and the Isla del Pirata are among the archipelago’s private islands.

Lap up the luxury at five star hotels in Colombia’s cities

Find in Colombia spots with wonderful oceanfront views for a luxury vacation
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A great spot with a wonderful view. In Colombia you can find great places for a luxury vacation.

Vacations might be the ideal time to rest and take time out from the daily grind, but that doesn’t mean missing out on the fun at the most fancy hotels in Colombian cities.

The demand for luxury tourism has increased 48% in the past five years, according to Colombia’s La República newspaper. That’s why Colombian cities, including BogotáMedellin and Cartagena, have expanded their range of five star, boutique and luxury hotels, to the delight of visitors seeking an exclusive place to stay.

Leading the charge are exclusive hotel chains, such as Sofitel, Hyatt, Hilton and JW Marriott, and all the comfort they entail. Small boutique hotels, on the other hand, offer a more specialized experience with fewer, more personalized rooms. oxoHotel, Ananda and the GHL Group are among those with boutique hotels in Colombia.

Colombia offers visitors the chance to discover the country’s magic, and enjoy unique cultural experiences, without sacrificing comfort, style and a five star service. Opt for any one of these options and you’ll be sure to enjoy the luxury holiday of a lifetime.