For its eleventh edition, Estéreo Picnic, under the theme of ‘A Different World’, brings an artist line up for all audiences and musical tastes. If you decide to come to one of the best music festivals in the region, be sure not to miss out on the different activities you can do in the capital of Colombia.This year’s lineup includes performances by Guns n’ Roses, The Strokes and The Chemical Brothers.

This year FEP will be among the best music festivals in the world | Colombia Travel
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If you come for one, two, or even the three days of the FEP, do not forget to discover everything that Bogotá has to offer.

Colombia is a country with great diversity. Not only of climates, landscapes, thermal floors, and national staples, but of festivals and the rhythms that join them. The country has two major cities that, due to the musical and cultural activities they offer, have been declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations as “UNESCO City of Music”. Bogotá was declared as such in 2012 and Medellín in 2015.

In addition to having a musical event series called “festivals in the park”, such as “Salsa in the Park”, “Rock in the Park”, and “Jazz in the Park”, Bogotá has one of the most important music festivals in the region.

On April 3rd, 4th and 5th of 2020, the Briceño 18 Golf Course in Sopó (a municipality located approximately 40 Kms from Bogotá) will once again be the stage for great artists that rock world music festivals such as Tomorrowland or Coachella. We are referring to the Stereo Picnic music festival, which each year features great artists of electronic music, indie music and a variety of genres, making it one of the festivals that you absolutely cannot miss.

Like its previous years, in which Bogotá welcomed artists such as Sam Smith, Snoop Dog, Lana del Rey, The Weekend, Calvin Harris and The White Stripes, this year the line up continues to attract all audiences.

During the eleven years that the Estéreo Picnic Festival has been taking place in Bogotá, Colombians and foreign tourists have been looking for more experiences to enjoy in the city. For this reason, we present you with a guide of plans and activities based on your favorite artist featured in this year’s lineup of one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year.Discover: New York Times “36 hours in” Bogota

The FEP is on the rise as one of the biggest music festivals in the world | Colombia Travel
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 Have a great time playing tejo while having great craft beers at La Embajada.

For the indie music lovers and from the best music festivals in the world, the FEP presents: The Strokes

On Friday, April 3rd, the main act of this music festival - which has been referred to as the ‘South American Coachella’ – takes the stage: The Strokes. For electronic music lovers, the line up is followed by Armin Van Buuren, and indie music fans can look forward to Vampire Weekend, Kacey Musgraves and Charli XCX.

This experience can only be complemented by the unique activities offered by a city as bustling and dynamic as other host cities of music festivals. Bogotá has an offer that you will love.

Bogotá’s tourism offer includes alternative plans besides hosting festivals with indie music

If you are among those who never miss music festivals worldwide and plan to attend Stereo Picnic on Friday to see The Strokes, we suggest you enjoy the following plans on Saturday or Sunday.

  1. Brunch. In Bogotá there are several options for this activity. We recommend the following:

  • La Pinta. A restaurant offering Colombian-Spanish gastronomic fusion in the locality of Chapinero Alto.

  • Bealé Patisserie. A place for French pastry lovers who love classics at breakfast time. It is located in the Quinta Camacho neighborhood.

  • Click Clack Hotel. The brunch with the best of Colombian and American cuisine near Parque de la 93

  1. Play Tejo. a Colombian sport inherited from the Muisca indigenous traditions of the Cundiboyacense region. It involves throwing a metal disk into clay courts with the intention of bursting wicks (envelopes with gunpowder) that are strategically located in a metal circle. The idea is to score points and enjoy some good beers during the game. To perform this activity we recommend:

  • La Embajada. Here you will play tejo while enjoying some of the best craft beers in Bogotá.

  • Tejo Turmequé. here the game starts later since the space of the courts is also used as a dance floor. Both tejo places are located in the San Felipe neighborhood.

 A great plan after attending one of the best music festivals is to play tejo | Colombia Travel
Credit: Tejo La Embajada

Have a great time playing tejo while having great craft beers at La Embajada.

  1. Practice Hot Yoga. Enjoy this unique experience that strengthens your immune system, reduces stress levels, and will leave you fully energized to continue enjoying your weekend in Bogotá. You can do it at Yoga Studio or Prana Yoga.

If you like electronic music you can’t miss The Chemical Brothers, a world-known artist of great electronic music festivals

On Saturday, April 4, the main performer of this line-up of great international artists are The Chemical Brothers, an artist who has also performed at major music festivals such as Tomorrowland. Paulo Londra follows for those who enjoy trap music, and Nile Rodgers & Chic comes next for those who prefer Rhythm and Blues. The Colombian touch of the night comes from El Binomio de Oro de América, a great artist of the vallenato musical genre.

Things to do in Bogotá that will make you vibe like electronic music festivals

Some excellent Friday plans in Bogotá before attending the The Chemical Brothers are:

  1. A visit to the new art district in the city: the San Felipe neighborhood. It has 20 spaces, including galleries and studios, that promote the best of contemporary art.

  2. Eat or dine at LEO. The acclaimed Colombian chef Leonor Espinosa's restaurant was recently chosen as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world, partly because of its menu theme called CYCLE-BIOMA, inspired by Colombian ecosystems. If Estéreo Picnic qualifies as an unmissable experience in music festivals, LEO can be considered a festival of the senses.

  3. Fly with paragliding. Enjoy the spectacular mountain landscape that Bogotá offers. A good option may be in Bogotá Paragliding, as it is located within the city and also offers other activities such as Paintball.

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Guns n ’Roses, the leading artist for rock music fans

On Sunday, April 5, Guns n 'Roses will perform as the main rock music artist. For this audience and for those more inclined towards to indie music, Cage The Elephant follows the stage. Then, Madeon and James Blake arrive to thrill electronic music fans. Finally, Rita Ora concludes the main line up offer with some pop, hip hop, and Rhythm and Blues music.

Bogotá, the venue for the senses

 Bogotá is the host city of of one of the top music festivals in the region | Colombia Travel
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Whether you want to have a great gastronomic experience or just find wonderful activities for your trip, Bogotá has it all.

If you plan to attend on Sunday to watch the artists who have been featured in the world’s great music festivals, we recommend that you arrive on Friday, April 3rd. This way, you will be able to prepare your senses for “A Different World” with the following plans:

  1. Take a craft beer tour in Bogotá. With more than 150 small craft breweries, in this 4-hour plan, you can choose between 4 and 5 microbreweries to visit, find the ideal food to pair the beers with, and select the type of transport you would like to use to navigate this experience.

  2. Ride in pit bikes and sign up for a mini motocross tournament. You can do it in Chia, a municipality near Bogotá. You do not have to be a professional motorcyclist since they are semi-automatic and the use of the clutch is not necessary. The great advantage of the small size of these bikes is that they are ideal for taking sharp turns, crossing bridges and achieving good track speed.

  3. Enjoy artistic and cultural offerings of the city. We recommend the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá (MAMBO) and The Gold Museum.

You can visit the Gold Museum during your visit to one of the most popular music festivals | Colombia Travel
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Discover the Gold Museum in Bogotá and be amazed by its collection of goldsmiths and pottery pieces of indigenous cultures.

If what you like is adrenaline-fueled activities, you cannot miss these experiences. Especially if you come to one of the best music festivals in the region with your friends and are looking for plans to have fun.

Do not miss this experience that amongst the must-see music festivals in the region, and dare to enjoy the wonderful tourism activities that Bogotá has to offer.