This recent version of the New York Times “36 hours in” has more than one reason why Bogota is one of the cities you must visit during 2019. Surrounded by colonial buildings, plenty of upscale restaurants, museums and galleries, cafes and many shopping sites, Bogota is an emerging destination for all types of travelers.

Here are the highlights of locations, restaurants and activities you can’t miss in the capital of Colombia:

1. Enjoy the Bogota’s night life by spending quality time with friends at the Huerta Bar Cocteleria Artesanal.  This bar is famous for its cocktails that feature sustainable and local ingredients.

2. Image of la candelariaVisit the historical center of Bogota at La Candelaria neighborhood, where the buildings and streets will guide you through the story of the capital of Colombia. Stop for lunch at Prudencia Restaurant where the menu changes every Monday and is inspired by both Colombian and international flavors.

3. If you are in a new city, like Bogota, the best way to explore it is by walking its streets. The best time to do this in Bogota, is on Sundays where the main streets of the city are closed to vehicles and available for people out for a stroll, on their bikes or roller blades.

4. Image of a funerary maskOne of the main attractions of Bogota’s historic center is the Gold Museum, a massive, 3-story museum home to more than 20,000 pre-Columbian gold pieces and artifacts. It is a must-see in Bogota.

5. Monserrate Mountain is also a must-go attraction for travelers. It is also a good excuse to do some exercise by climbing up the mountain to reach the highest point in Bogota and a place with magnificent views of the city. Don’t want to do the hike? No worries. You can reach the top on cable car so there’s no excuse to miss this amazing spot.

Watch 36 hours in Bogota by the New York Times on the link below, and don’t forget to look for their Cartagena and Medellin versions which are likely inspiring!