The Coffee Cultural Landscape (CCL), declared by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, is made up of the departments of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, and the northern part of Valle del Cauca. This region represents the country's coffee tradition, framed in a mountainous landscape that contrasts with the beautiful architecture of Spanish influence based on rammed earth, bahareque, and clay roofs, surrounded by coffee plantations.

Cocora Valley, Quindío, Colombia
Photo: Javier Nieto 
  • Population: over 7.2 million inhabitants among the four departments.
  • Average temperature: 16-26ºC – 60.8-78.8ºF. 

Incentive Travel

The CCL is located in one of the most biodiverse regions of the country, with altitudes ranging from 170 meters above sea level to 5,321 meters above sea level, encompassing eight microclimates. Adapting to these geographical conditions not only achieved the development of a internationally recognized coffee culture, but also allowed the realization of all kinds of experiences amidst characteristic biodiversity. 

A great advantage of the area is the possibility of visiting coffee landscapes and experiencing the cultivation and preparation process of one of the smoothest coffees in the world: from its planting, harvesting to its final enjoyment. This experience is complemented by an immersion in coffee culture: horses, Jeep Willys, and coffee villages. Here you can experience the experience like a local, but at the end of the day enjoy traditional or luxury tourism.
 Jeep Willys in Salento, Colombia

In the Coffee Cultural Landscape, incentive groups have the possibility of visiting one of the largest collections of orchids in Latin America, experiencing moments of well-being and relaxation, or participating in one of the soft skills development programs through bird observation and listening, synchronizing corporate values in employees. Below, we tell you more about some of the tourist products that can be found in the CCL

  • Agrotourism: In the Coffee Cultural Landscape, travelers can visit coffee farms, participate in coffee picking, learn about its production process, and taste fresh coffee at its place of origin. This experience provides a deep understanding of Colombian coffee culture
  • Nature and adventure: The CCL is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes that offer opportunities for adventure. Travelers can hike through the mountains, explore national parks such as the Los Nevados National Natural Park, and practice adventure sports such as hiking, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. 
  • Birdwatching: The CCL is a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts. The area is home to a great diversity, including endemic and migratory species. Travelers can participate in birdwatching excursions with expert guides to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. We recommend touring the Otún Quimbaya Natural Reserve in Risaralda. 
  • Heritage destinations: Several municipalities in the Coffee Cultural Landscape, such as Salento and Manizales, have remarkable architectural and cultural heritage. Travelers can explore colonial towns, visit historic churches, and learn about the history and architecture of the region. 
  • Cultural activities: The CCL offers a wide variety of cultural activities: from concerts and festivals to art exhibitions and folk dances. Travelers can immerse themselves in coffee culture through these authentic cultural experiences. 
  • Wellness and thermal activities: Some areas of the Coffee Cultural Landscape have natural hot springs that are known for their healing properties. Travelers can enjoy relaxing baths and spa treatments in natural and serene environments. We recommend the thermal baths in Santa Rosa de Cabal and the Santa Isabel Spa. 
  • Fairs and festivals: Several fairs and festivals are held throughout the year in the CCL, often including live music, traditional dances, competitions, and cultural activities. La Feria de Manizales and the National Coffee Festival are examples of important events that attract visitors from around the world. 

Congresses and Conventions

This area is rich in traditions, reflected in its crafts, gastronomy, fairs, and festivals, preserving a coffee heritage and folklore. All this is complemented by modernism and the infrastructure of three important capital cities: Manizales, Armenia and Pereira. Thanks to the university trajectory, these cities have hosted academic and scientific congresses and conventions from multiple areas of knowledge. 

César Gaviria Trujillo Viaduct, Pereira, Colombia


Sports Events: 

The Coffee Cultural Landscape is ideal for hosting sports events, especially those related to cycling in the modalities of mountain biking, Enduro, and Downhill. Thus, the area is the venue for La Leyenda del Dorado, a mountain biking race sanctioned by the International Cycling Union (UCI), classified as the Everest of mountain biking. Additionally, Manizales hosted the Enduro World Series in 2018. 

Currently, Manizales has 13 Enduro routes and 14 Downhill routes structured and suitable for all levels. The area also has extensive infrastructure for hosting golf events, with three courses surrounded by stunning landscapes: 

  • Pereira Country Club (par 71). 
  • Armenia Country Club (par 72). 
  • Manizales Country Club (par 72). 


Mirador del Café Events Center, Coffee Farm, Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia

The CCL is characterized by having various options for holding weddings. Among the most representative sites are: 

  • Resort del Café, Manizales: home to the Zeri Pavilion. Architectural work of Simón Vélez made of bamboo and typical woods of the region with a capacity for up to 1,000 people. The pavilion is surrounded by a natural reserve of 179 hectares. Here you can celebrate your marriage in the middle of a completely natural environment, surrounded by a lush mountain landscape, unique views, and a cozy and very romantic atmosphere. Located in the town of Samaná, you can enjoy its viewpoint, pool area, massage room, sanctuary to celebrate the ceremony, event space, common areas, recreational activities, and, of course, an exclusive and comfortable stay in different room and suite options. 
  • Termales El Otoño, Caldas:  provide magical, romantic spaces perfect for you to have your dream wedding. 
  • They have the beautiful San José del Otoño chapel, a unique countryside space that makes any celebration impeccable and wonderful. 
  • Hotel Hacienda San José: built in 1888, it is one of the oldest haciendas around Pereira. With more than a hundred years of history, the estate connects its visitors with the houses typical of the time of Caucan colonization and its strong Spanish influence, as well as with the architecture of Antioquia colonization. They offer horseback riding in the area and walks along ecological trails in one of the largest reserves of Colombian bamboo. They also have an extensive international menu, wine list, and regional dishes. 
  • Bosques del Samán, Pereira: here you can connect with the traditional coffee culture and appreciate the most beautiful landscapes while enjoying gastronomy, activities, and resting in the peace and tranquility of the region. 
  • Finca del Café: this farm has beautiful architecture and a view towards the mountains of Santa Rosa de Cabal, just 10 minutes from the city center. In its facilities, you find coffee, bar, restaurant, event center, and snack bar on the same site. 
  • La Herencia hotel, Quindío: its privileged location allows you to enjoy the beautiful and unique Coffee Cultural Landscape, making it ideal for celebrating important events like your wedding. 

Outstanding Locations for Your Event 

Traditional locations, convention centers 

Estelar, Recinto del Pensamiento, Manizales, Colombia

1.      Estelar, Recinto del Pensamiento Hotel & Convention Center

  • The Bamboo Pavilion is a tribute to the typical architecture of the coffee region and its natural resources. It is available for corporate activities, business meetings, conferences, launches, and social gatherings. 
  • It offers nine additional rooms with a capacity of up to 1,100 people. 

2.      ExpoFuturo, Pereira and Risaralda Exhibition and Convention Center

  • It has an area of 36,000 square meters, making it one of the largest venues in the area. 
  • Its infrastructure allows for all types of setups and formats with over 37,000 m². 
  • It is the largest and most modern in the coffee region. 

3.      Hotel Termales del Otoño Convention Center

  • Only 10 minutes from La Nubia Airport, Manizales, 1.30 hours from Matecaña International Airport, Pereira, and 2 hours from El Edén Airport, Armenia. 
  • It has eight rooms and three boardrooms, in order to provide an excellent experience and suitable spaces for the event to take place with the highest quality standards. 
  • Availability for corporate events, weddings, and social events. 

4.      Expoferias Manizales Convention Center: 

  • Event and entertainment center. 
  • It has a main pavilion of 4,480 m², a lobby of 678 m², and a parking lot with 185 spaces. 

5.      Quindío Metropolitan Cultural Convention Center: 

  • It is the most important exhibition center in the city of Armenia located on Avenida Los Aborígenes, in the north of it. 
  • The building hosts national and international events, exhibitions, and cultural events. 

Non-traditional locations: 

Quimbaya Gold Museum and Cultural Center, Armenia, Colombia


1. Consotá Park

  • It features a replica of Pereira from the 1930s, allowing interaction with the culture, roots, and traditions of the time. 

2. Pereira Country Club

  • Located in an exclusive area on the outskirts of the city. 
  • It is a sports club focused on outdoor sports that require large facilities such as golf, croquet, polo, and field hockey. 
  • It is a sports and social corporation focused on generating and delivering differentiated experiences to members and their families. 
  • It has approximately 80 hectares of green areas, eight restaurants, and different spaces for soccer, swimming, water aerobics, as well as for hosting sports events. 


1. Quimbaya Cultural Center and Museum

  • Operates in the building designed by the architect Rogelio Salmona, awarded with the National Architecture Prize of Colombia. 
  • It exhibits one of the best collections of pre-Columbian goldsmithing and ceramics. 
  • Maximum capacity: 800 PAX. 

2. Panaca

  • The National Park of Agricultural Culture offers diverse spaces surrounded by the traditional culture of the region. 
  • Panaca seeks to promote interaction between humans and nature and domestic zoology. It is the first agricultural theme park in the world, offering various shows, thematic stations, and a collection of domestic zoology. 
  • Maximum capacity for events: 300 PAX. 

3. Coffee Park

  • It offers a tour through the coffee customs of the department of Quindío. 
  • Founded by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindío. It belongs to the Coffee Culture Park Foundation and is a non-profit entity dedicated to the preservation of the coffee cultural and historical heritage in Colombia. 
  • It has children's, water, and family attractions. 


1.   Manizales Country Club: 

  • The country headquarters of Club Manizales is located on the Coffee Highway between Chinchiná and Manizales, in the Las Pavas area, 30 minutes from La Nubia airport and 15 minutes from downtown. 
  • The multiplex room allows organizing religious, social, and business events. 
  • Facilities include swimming, golf, tennis, soccer, and indoor soccer. 


Among corporate, boutique, and vacation hotels, the Coffee Cultural Landscape has an excellent hotel infrastructure. The area boasts renowned chains such as Hilton, Movich, GHL, Sonesta, and Estelar, which enhance the region as a world-class destination for congresses and conventions. Being intermediate cities, the distances between convention centers, hotels, and tourist attractions in the region are very short, making it easy for event participants to explore the city. 

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, Pereira, Colombia


1.      Movich Pereira

  • Maximum capacity: 1,600 PAX. 
  • Located in downtown Pereira, it offers rooms with free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, a spa, a gym, and three restaurants. 
  • The hotel is 5 stars, featuring polished marble floors and carved wooden sculptures. Among the hotel facilities, a hot tub stands out. The rooms feature elegant dark wood furniture. All rooms have air conditioning, minibar, and bathroom. 

2.      Hilton Garden Inn Pereira Hotel

  • Opened in 2023, it has a convention center with a capacity for 450 people. 
  • Five meeting rooms with capacity for 5 to 15 people each. 
  • Swimming pool complex, 168 rooms, 100 parking spaces, gym, and restaurant for 150 people. 

3.      Sonesta Pereira

  • Part of the GHL chain. It has 167 rooms distributed in the main building and cabins. 
  • Located at km 7 Via Cerritos, an area with great potential for urban and tourist development due to its strategic location. It is located near Bioparque Ukumarí, theme parks, and main tourist destinations in the region. 
  • Maximum capacity: 400 people. 
  • For events: 700 people in auditorium-style hall. 

4.      Camelias Country Hotel

  • Located in the department of Quindío, in the municipality of Montenegro, and connected by excellent inter-municipal roads equidistant from other municipalities and places of interest in the region. 
  • It has 202 rooms, 116 of them located in the historic area of the hotel. 
  • It has seven rooms for between 30 and 100 people. 
  • Maximum capacity of the convention center: 1,000 people. 


1.      Mocawa Resort Hotel

  • Located in the heart of the Colombian coffee region, it blends the essence of the flagship product of the PPC with the culture that revolves around it, highlighting the service vocation characteristic of the region's inhabitants. 
  • Maximum capacity: 550 people in auditorium accommodation. 
  • Room for 280 people in auditorium accommodation. 

2.      Mocawa Plaza Hotel

  • Located north of Armenia, 500 m from Parque de la Vida, 18 km from Parque Nacional del Café, and 25 minutes from El Edén International Airport. 
  • Convention and event center with a capacity for 300 people. 
  • Room for 115 people and  boardroom for 12 people. 

3.      Armenia Hotel

  • Located in an exclusive and strategic area of the city of Armenia, near the health sector, financial entities, shopping centers, the Metropolitan Cultural Convention Center of the city, and adjacent to Parque de la Vida. 
  • Nine rooms with a capacity for 300 people. 


1.      Termales del Ruiz Hotel

  • Thanks to its proximity to the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, you can enjoy the benefits of sulfuric mineral-medicinal waters that emerge from its depths. 
  • They have 20 rooms, a suite specially designed for those who want to enjoy preferential spaces, and two thermal pools directly from the mountains' depths. 

2.      Carretero Hotel

  • Located on the main avenue of the city, a quiet and safe area in the heart of Manizales. It is minutes away from the most significant places in the city. 

3.      Otoño Hotel

  • Located in the foothills of the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes, just 20 minutes from Manizales. All rooms have been designed to offer maximum comfort to any type of traveler and are specially designed for leisure and business travelers. 

4.      Quo Hotel

  • Located in an exclusive area of the city, 10 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from downtown. 
  • They offer 36 comfortable rooms: Standard Double, Twin, Junior Suite, and Deluxe Suite. 

5.      Hacienda Venecia

  • Lodging with over 100 years of history. You can choose between the unparalleled Main House, with rooms full of history, the Coffee Lodge, surrounded by coffee landscape, the Hostel, a former accommodation for coffee pickers, or the Overlanders site, with the amenities you need for your stay. 

Highlighted Activities for Your Event 

Coffee Cultural Landscape, Colombia

Nothing more comforting than enjoying the smoothest coffee in the world and experiencing its origin: 

  • Where: Coffee Cultural Landscape. 
  • Duration of the experience: 3 hours. 
  • Description: discover the culture of the PPC, live the coffee process experience from its cultivation to its harvesting and processing. Enjoy a cup in the land of one of the best coffees in the world. 

Experience coffee from seed to cup: 

  • Where: Hacienda Venecia (Manizales, Caldas). 
  • Duration of the Experience: 3 hours. 
  • Description: truly dedicated coffee enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a coffee experience around those little magical beans on the daily coffee tour. The tour will grant you a satisfaction of understanding and passion hand in hand with experts working at Hacienda Venecia

Experience the adventure of your life with the highest canopy in Colombia 

Canopy at Bosques del Samán Hotel, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Where: Bosque del Samán Hotel Farm, Alcalá. 

  • Duration of the experience: 1 hour, 30 minutes. 
  • Description: immerse yourself in nature and discover the adrenaline of flying over coffee plantations, bamboo forests, and small streams in the world's only coffee canopy with 2,000 meters of flight. With the most demanding safety measures, enjoy an aerial journey along steel cables spread across seven stations, with flights between 100 and 430 meters apart and heights of 35 to 75 meters. 

Connect with nature and plant the tallest tree in the world: 

  • Where: Cocora Valley, Quindío. 
  • Duration of the experience: 1 hour. 
  • Description: the Wax Palm, known as Colombia's national tree, reaches over 60 meters and lives for more than 200 years. It is the tallest plant on the planet and is the only palm trees in the world that live at altitudes of over 2,000 meters above sea level. Experience planting the wax palm, complementing your visit with a horseback ride or hike through Cocora Valley

Cocora Valley, Colombia

Enjoy riding in a Willys through the Coffee Axis, something you have to experience: 

  • Where: Salento, Cocora Valley. 
  • Duration of the experience: 30 minutes. 
  • Description: enjoy a Willys ride through Salento and an ascent to Cocora Valley. The experience includes a countryside lunch and horseback riding in the Mist Forest. 

Enjoy the sound of Colombian Paso Fino: 

  • Where: Pereira and Manizales. 
  • Duration of the experience: 2 hours. 
  • Description: visit renowned horse farms where a Paso Fino show is held. All accompanied by a dinner with typical regional food. 

Enjoy the Los Nevados National Park: 

View of the Tolima volcano in Los Nevados National Natural Park, Colombia

  •  Where: Manizales, Caldas. 
  • Tour: around 5:00 am, assistance and transfer to Los Nevados National Natural Park, passing through the city of Manizales. 
  • Description: on this journey, you can appreciate the changing landscape as altitude is gained.  The tour includes breakfast at a local stop typical of this area, transfer to Laguna Negra, and then a hike to the Gualí stream waterfall and the natural richness of high mountain flora, including springs, sulfur deposits, and other volcanic phenomena. You can discover the area of Termales del Ruiz, with a stop at an eco-hotel where you'll find a spring of thermal waters amid the place's facilities, as well as a pool surrounded by hummingbird feeders where you can observe several species. 


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