The Coffee Cultural Landscape is prosperous and generous. It seduces the visitor with the aroma of the coffee plantations and the delights of its scenery.

Wide roads, tireless workers and an infinite horizon: the Earth gives us its riches – and its inhabitants their hospitality.

The enchantment of the coffee culture

The Departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda are known as the Coffee Cultural Landscape, and they produce the best coffee in the world.

All of this came from the modest, hard-working and thrusting mule –drivers from Antioquia, challenged and protected by the mountains, the creators of the coffee culture which now reigns in all three Departments.

The tourist industry has said that it is a prime destination in Latin America, because of the way it has adapted the coffee mansions and farmhouses of former times to accommodate tourists and offer them unique and marvelous.

Travel around the  Coffee Cultural Landscape, and you will find all kinds of buildings, theme parks, golf courses, coffee plantations, landscapes dotted with wax-palms, places for extreme sports, and ecological trails.

If you want to understand the secret of the coffee culture, you will have to take a trip around the region, experience a variety of climates, appreciate the scenery

The gift of the Earth

The way in which Colombian coffee is grown and processed is truly fascinating.

As you walk round a plantation, your eras will be filled with the songs of the harvesters, which sounds like the voice of the surrounding mountains.

The songs evoke all the hard work and dedication that goes into a cup of coffee, the tireless efforts of the hands that pick the best fruit and turn it into one of the world´s most popular drinks.

The preparation of the soil is a labor of love, which makes the seeds germinate and a few months later produce chapolas – the first and only two round leaves that a coffee plant grows.

And each new plant starts a story in what in what is now a tradition or aroma and flavor. And the care they take of it is noble work, embodying the passion for coffee and for Colombian culture.