Music and dance are so central to Colombian culture that no trip to the country would be complete without venturing onto a Colombian dance floor. The ‘rumba’, as nights out in Colombia are known, varies from city to city. Follow our essential guide to where to go out dancing in Colombia, and ensure you visit the best bars in Colombia. 

Nights out in Cali: World capital of salsa

Nights out in Cali
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If you love a good night out and want to know where to go, the city of Cali is unmissable. There is more to this warm and welcoming Valle de Cauca city than salsa though, with bars and clubs to satisfy all tastes. Still, salsa is where the people of Cali excel and the city’s Juanchito neighbourhood is the place where they show off their moves. Consider: 

  • Zaperoco: The place to go if you want to see, and dance with, the best around. Recommended by both TripAdvisor and the New York Times, Zaperoco is one of the best bars in Colombia.  Siboney
  • Club Discoteca: Siboney is fast establishing itself as the place to go for authentic Cali salsa, and you’ll find plenty of talent on display here. 
  •  Tin Tin Deo: Classic salsa rules at Tin Tin Deo, followed by son and other African-Latin beats, in a place where locals and visitors come together.
  • Urbano Bar Restaurant: If you’re into crossover, where Cali’s cosmopolitan vibe meets its more traditional Latin beats, Urbano is the bar/restaurant for you. 

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Nights out in Medellin: Home of the ‘orange economy’ 

Nights out in Medellin


Medellin is Colombia’s tech capital and the epicenter of the region’s orange economy, which is why both locals and visitors love spending time in Medellin. The popular Lleras Park is home to some of the city’s best bars and clubs and it’s a standout choice for those who are in the mood to dance. Consider:

  • Dancefree: Can’t choose between the many, brilliant Latin music genres? No fear, at Dancefree you can dance to all of them and more.  
  • Trilogia Live Bar: Live music makes for a fantastic night out. Enjoy a night out in Trilogia, with live music that mixes several genres in the same night.
  • Salon Malaga: ‘Old Medellin’ is beautiful and nostalgia for it is exactly what the classic tango at Salon Malaga evokes. Head here and take a step back in time. 
  • Dulce Jesus Mio: ‘My Sweet Jesus’ is for those with an eclectic taste in music. You’ll find everything at Dulce Jesus Mio, from serious and sultry to fun and pop.

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Nights out in Cartagena: Gateway to the Caribbean

Nights out in Cartagena
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Not only has this jewel of the Caribbean stolen the world’s heart, it’s also the setting for some of the best nights out in Colombia, a place where visitors can experience the best of Latin and African beats, and more. Consider:

  • Bazurto Social Club: Champeta is one of Cartagena’s favorite styles and Bazurto is one of the best places to get down and dirty with this popular Caribbean beat.
  • Donde Fidel: Keen to dance a bit of salsa in this romantic walled city? Head to Donde Fidel to experience echoes of Cali on the Caribbean coast. 
  • Rezak Bar Club: Variety is the spice of life. Head to Rezak for crossover music and live shows that take dancing in Cartagena to another level.
  • Mr. Babilla: This atmospheric bar is the original, and the city’s oldest, when it comes to crossover. Both locals and visitors appreciate its charms.

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Nights out in Bogota: Cosmopolitan chic

No guide to where to go out dancing in Colombia could avoid singing the praises of Colombia’s diverse and lively capital. You can experience every single one of the country’s best-loved beats here, without even leaving the Andes.

  • Andres Carne de Res: Nowhere can you get as close to eclectic Colombian fun than this iconic bar/restaurant, one of the best bars in Colombia.
  • Campanario: Craving a little champeta a long way from the Caribbean coast? Campanario has you covered, with live music to boot.
  • Armando Records: A fan of house music, and deep house? Look no further than Armando Records. Its iconic terrace is the best place to catch the Bogota sunset.
  • Theatron: The best nightclub in Latin America for an LGBTQ+ night out, Theatron is a dozen clubs in one, with music for everyone and dancing until the early hours. 

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Make the most out of a night out in Colombia. Next time you visit Colombia, follow our essential guide to the best places to go out, and go out dancing until dawn.