What is glamping? is a worldwide trend referring to luxury camping. Nature lovers and adventure travelers- imagine a luxury hotel in a fabric shell that offers comfort surrounded by wildness- sounds amazing, right?

Camping in luxury tents used to be inconceivable, however, today it’s very real. If you are thinking that it’s unbelievable, let us show you how to relax in the middle of different Colombian landscapes in a glamorous definition.

Niddo, disconnect from the daily routine to connect with new forest glamping

A tent in the middle of the mountain, discover glamping in Niddo | Colombia Travel
Credit: Niddo

Niddo is a great option for a weekend getaway if you are visiting Bogotá.

On the top of Santa Rosita Tausaquirá hill in Suesca, Cundinamarca, a Colombian tourist destination, you will find glamping in the great outdoors, complete with a private bathroom and bonfire, a heater and a station for hot drinks.

In addition, most of the nests are teepee tents for camping, which means you can easily fit a group of people inside and have the luxury of some headspace.

Besides the glamping area, Niddo offers a variety of activities that allow you to get in touch with the natural surroundings. Options include booking a Yoga class or practicing hiking and caving during the day.

Nativo, a place that shapes the glamping definition

A glamping setting between the trees and nature. Get to know Nativo | Colombia Travel
Credit: Nativo

Discover the unique experiences you can enjoy during your stay in Nativo.

Barichara in Santander, one of Colombia’s most treasured heritage towns, provides accommodations to honor the preservation of small Colombian towns. Most of the tents here are constructed with tapia, a local earth material used in the design and construction of the town.

Nativo is a place where you can experience the magic and mystery of Barichara. Glamping isn’t the only experience offered to the guests, you could also take astronomy or ceramic courses during your stay, or choose a meditation practice or a labyrinth ritual typical of Guane’s culture.

Bosko, glamping that sprouts from a native forest

Bosko, a glamping experience in Colombia | Colombia Travel
Credit: Bosko

While you are staying in Bosko, enjoy the complementary experience of discovering Guatapé Dam.

Bosko is 1 km away from Guatapé, nearest to Medellín, and well known by its houses painted in colors. The tents, known as ‘mushrooms’, have a view of the Guatapé dam. Each one looks like an igloo on a floatable platform overlooking the forest.

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Glampers, before you arrive at this locale situated in the “ocean between the mountains”, you will receive a book showing the experience of living in Bosko as well as in a luxury hotel.

Savoring signatures dishes in the main restaurant, taking helicopter or boat tours on the Guatapé dam, kayaking or wakeboarding, the choice is yours.

Bethel Bio Luxury, luxury camping in the middle of a desert

A Beautiful cabin in the middle of the desert. Enjoy Bethel's glamping experience|Colombia Travel
Credit: Juan Solano Photography

Experience astronomical walks during your stay in the Tatacoa Desert.

With a total of 70 glamping hubs built in a nature reserve, Bethel Bio Luxury offers a glamorous camping concept in the middle of the Tatacoa desert, in Huila.

This place is 7 km away from La Tatacoa Observatory and has a vernacular architecture, based on the ancient wisdom of the peasants.

You can choose between ‘Bethel House’ glampings, ‘bio eggs’, ‘beg pings’ or ‘eco cavs’, and all of them are eco-friendly, working with solar panels and water that comes from the nearest spring.

Horseback riding and astronomical walks are among the activities offered.

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Mamancana Private Games Reserve, glamping inspired by the Tayrona’s culture

A comforting bed in one of the glamping cabins in Mamancana |Colombia Travel
Credit: Mamancana

Mamancana offers the best of two biodiverse ecosystems views during your stay.

Located in Mamancana Natural Reserve and surrounded by Santa Marta’s Snow Mountain Range, this glamping hub features extraordinary biodiversity over 600 acres of land.

Guests have the opportunity to discover many endemic species, between gorgeous animals and plant life during their stay.

Mamancana offers so much more, it is also an ecotourism project with indoor and outdoor activities, inspired by the cosmic model of Tayrona’s culture and their own houses.