Museums and Galleries

Travel at your own pace, emphasizing what you love most. This is what our country offers you with the option of doing it hand in hand with a local expert.

In the artistic realm, this option has become the preferred choice of many international visitors who take guided tours by connoisseurs to museums, galleries, and other cultural sites in the main cities of the country.

Colombia is an important destination for lovers of Latin American art. It has over 3,500 years of history and artistic development. A history that begins with indigenous ancestors and their various manifestations, of which there is abundant and precious evidence, and which is later influenced by the art and taste of the European continent.

Little by little and with great effort, our artists have been building an identity that is now recognized worldwide. Diverse expressions of art flow in the streets, in museums, and galleries in the country and around the world.

Numerous internationally acclaimed art events such as ARTBO, Barcú, Feria del Millón, and Odeón Intensivo, attract thousands of people from various countries. It is for this reason, and due to the high demand for art-focused visits, that now it is possible to immerse yourself in the most important art scenes of each city, guided by expert connoisseurs who help you take a specialized tour according to your tastes and preferences.

They will speak your language, pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation, at your own pace and in your own way; and they will accompany you to show you from a new perspective everything related to art in Colombia.

One of the works you'll find at the Gold Museum in Bogotá Colombia
Photo by Sebastian Sanint

One of the magnificent works you'll find at the Gold Museum in Bogotá.

Discovering pieces of great artistic value in the most important galleries of cities like Bogotá and Medellín is one of the activities that brings the most satisfaction to travelers. Receiving recommendations from expert guides, you can take home authentic jewels of Latin American art that will undoubtedly enrich your private collection.

It is important to know the history of our artists, their anecdotes, and inspirations, in order to have a more detailed approach to the work of the great figures of national art.

Fernando Botero, Débora Arango, Enrique Grau, Alejandro Obregón, Maripaz Jaramillo, Omar Rayo, Carlos Jacanamijoy, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, and Doris Salcedo among many other artists, have forged Colombia's name in the world.

They have also contributed to shaping the current art scene in the country, to which internationally renowned artists belong, including Francisco Mejía-Guinand, Pedro Ruiz, Ledania, or Federico Uribe among many others.

Another facet of these expressions is the cascade of young artists under thirty who are making waves in the world. Guided tours allow you to learn about the distinctive characteristics of each artist and the importance of their work over time, enriching your own knowledge and opening your mind to new dimensions.

Spaces in Bogotá such as the National Museum, Gold Museum, Botero Museum, and Museum of Modern Art; or in Medellín the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Antioquia, among others, await you to offer a personalized guide that allows you to have a personal experience where you can share ideas about Colombian art and culture.

After visiting the museums, experts, according to your interests, will guide you through the most emblematic galleries of each city, where you will immerse yourself in the latest trends in art. El Museo Gallery in Bogotá, Arte Amerika Gallery in Cali, the Cultural Center of the East in Bucaramanga, the Aduana Gallery in Barranquilla, and Aura Arte Gallery in Medellín are just a few of the most representative ones in each city.

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Urban Art in Colombia

Rafael Uribe Culture Palace in Medellín
Photo by Diego Grandi

Get to know the Rafael Uribe Culture Palace in Medellín.

The urban areas in our country have become open art galleries for everyone. Hand in hand with the expert, you can also take a tour of cities where muralism, graffiti, sculptures, and installations have taken over some urban spaces.

These expressions are enjoyed by seeing them, but they are fully understood when explained firsthand by the art connoisseur and the motivations of the artists. Bogotá's Graffiti Tour, the one in Comuna 13 in Medellín, and the one in Getsemaní in Cartagena, are some of the experiences that captivate art and culture lovers who want to feel the heartbeat of the artists in rhythm with the history of recent years.

The monument of the River Cat and its Cats in Cali is another manifestation of art in the midst of a natural walk along the Cali River. During these tours, the cultural interaction of travelers with the city is complete, as around these expressions live communities that vibrate daily to the rhythm of their works, offering itineraries that include music, dance, and the best of local gastronomy.

And for the more adventurous, immersing themselves fully in our cultural diversity also invites taking an artistic tour through the names of artists from the most remote regions of the country, those where authors are more organically involved with nature and ancestral traditions. Important artists from the Orinoco, the Amazon, and other regions of the country allow visitors a fresh new look at national art.

This is a private tourism option where the expert is available to answer all your questions and share insights, without the worry of time passing and without crowds, an ideal plan for the discerning travelers of our country.