These past few months, most people around the world have been staying at home. During this time, we’ve all discovered new versions of ourselves. Whether it’s a new hobby, skill or just learning a new recipe, we’re all definitely embracing a different lifestyle. Enjoy this fun travel trivia to find out which Colombian destination fits your new routine at home.

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So, Let’s hear it! - Your trivia results

A group of ladies eating, a plan that might be suggested by the results of this travel trivia.
Credit: ProColombia

A group of friends enjoy the gastronomic offer of Bogota

Mostly A’s – You’re a foodie traveler! Bogota is the place for you

If you picked a lot of answers related to cooking or gastronomy in this travel trivia, one of the best travel destinations to consider is Bogota. The capital of Colombia is a cosmopolitan metropolis that blends modern architecture with its timeless colonial charm. It’s also widely recognized for being a top foodie destination due to the wide variety of options found throughout several gastronomic hotspots of the city such as:

  • Zona T One of the trendiest spots in the city where you can find restaurants with different options, ranging from sushi to classic Colombian dishes.
  • Zona G This is the most specialized gastronomic sector in the city. Enjoy everything from Spanish fusion, through barbecue smoked ribs to the most comforting ramen in town.
  • Usaquén One of the most colonial and modern places in Bogota. In this former colonial town you can delight your taste buds with delicious seafood variations and great stone oven pizza. 

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Mostly B’s – You belong to the arts and culture travelers’ group! We suggest Medellin as your next destination!

A view from Plaza Botero, one of the places this Travel Trivia might suggest you should go next.
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Plaza Botero is one of the most wonderful places you can visit in Medellin.

Going for the art and culture-related answers to our travel trivia questions tell us that, if you’re wondering where to travel next in Colombia, Medellín is your best bet. Widely known as “the City of Eternal Spring” due to its great year-round weather, it’s a wonderful destination for any arts and culture aficionado. Some of the places you should keep in mind for your next visit are:

  • Plaza Botero: If you’re familiar with this famous Colombian artist, you’ll be delighted and amazed by the 23 immense bronze statues next to the Palace of Culture.
  • MAMM: Medellin’s Modern Art Museum is a majestic building that features several exhibitions of some of the best contemporary art collections in Colombia.
  • Comuna 13: If you’re more into street art, you definitely have to take the graffiti tour around one of Medellin’s most iconic, colorful neighborhoods.

Mostly C’s – You are an adventurer at heart! Your natural instinct can hear Santa Marta calling

A cabin in the woods in Minca, one of the best places this travel trivia might suggest you to go.
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Minca is a great destination for all the nature and adventure lovers

This travel trivia guide was all about finding travel destinations that you should head to next. So, if you chose answers that were all about keeping active and moving, your best match in Colombia is undoubtedly Santa Marta. One of the best Caribbean destinations anywhere, with a wide array of nature and adventure-related activities you can enjoy in places such as:

  • Palomino: A couple of hours away from Santa Marta you’ll find a beautiful beach surrounded by thick jungle where you can hike and enjoy all of the native flora and fauna.
  • Minca: A hidden paradise in the middle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta where you can immerse yourself in the magic of the mountains and beautiful natural waterfalls.
  • Tayrona National Natural Park: Snorkel on Caribbean waters, hike through several nature trails and enjoy one of the world’s best birdwatching destinations!

We hope you enjoyed this online travel trivia to discover some of the travel destinations in Colombia you should consider according to the new routines and interests you discovered while staying at home. We’ll meet soon, Colombia awaits you!