Nowadays, people have the amazing ability to travel anywhere in the world from home. Discover Colombia through our engaging virtual tours, classes and workshops that’ll bring you closer to our gastronomy, culture, art and music.

Traveling and learning more about the world has been completely reinvented thanks to the Internet. In the midst of a global crisis, virtual tourism is broader and more accessible than conventional means are. Colombia is not the exception. Enjoy our virtual tours from home, discover what tourism is like in Colombia and enjoy the experiences that wait for the moment when you’ll have the opportunity to visit us.

Explore the ambiance and attractions of Bogota with these virtual tours

Bogotá is a city of vibrant emotion. Its cultural, gastronomic, artistic, and musical scenes attract tourists by the millions each year. Today, you can enjoy many of these fantastic activities from home. Dive into our series of virtual tours and experience Bogota firsthand.

Walk the city’s main streets on these virtual tours

The capital of Colombia is a city rich with tourist attractions. Some of them are categorized by the type of experiences they provide. For example, Zona G is widely known for its gastronomy, whereas neighborhoods such as La Macarena or San Felipe, although having similar offerings, are better known for their artistic and cultural activities.

With implementations from the Bogotá District Tourism Institute (IDT) and the Google Trekker tool, 24 tourist sites in the city were digitized so that, via Google’s Street View function, people from all over the world can enjoy virtual tours of famous tourist attractions all across Bogota, such as Parque de la 93, the Monserrate trail, the Los Nevados viewpoint and many more.

Discover the artsy side of the capital of Colombia through these virtual tours

Here’s your chance to explore a large part of the city's art scene from home. Bogota has over 90 museums, and some of them offer virtual tours where you can learn about the country's history, general culture and Colombian art. Some virtual museums that offer cultural experiences are:

  • National Museum of Colombia. Its virtual tour will let you admire a collection spanning over 20,000 pieces and exhibits, and also learn about the history and heritage of the country.
  • Museums of the Banco de la República. Discover the 5,848 impressive works that make up this expansive collection. Don’t miss out on this astounding virtual tour!

We hope you enjoy these free virtual museum tours while you’re at home researching the many experiences, adventures and things to do in Colombia.

Indulge in a unique gastronomic experience

Bogota is also known for its wide variety of quality cuisine, bringing together cultural staples and international favorites in eight areas across the city. Three restaurants rank amongst the 50 best restaurants in Latin America: Harry Sasson’s eponymous restaurant, Leo by chef Leonor Espinosa – also on the ‘50 best restaurants in the world’ ranking – and El Chato, a restaurant led by chef Álvaro Clavijo. Without a doubt, visiting these restaurants are among the best things to do in Bogotá.

To start, let’s enjoy a virtual tour of Leo and hear more about the concept behind it.

What’s that? You’d rather learn how to prepare a typical Colombian dish? Click here for a traditional rice pudding recipe!

If you’re interested in a virtual tour through Colombian cuisine and you’re up for a bigger challenge, you can also join our Colombian foodie @bogotaeats and learn how to make aborrajados tumaqueños, a delicacy made with fried plantains, in this video (activate auto translate in YouTube settings).

Enjoy the best virtual classical music concerts in Bogota

The capital of Colombia is the main hub for great cultural events that you can now enjoy from home. If you love live music, we recommend the virtual concert "Music in the hall" concerts of the Cultural Network of the Banco de la República in Colombia.

Travel from home to other wonderful tourist destinations in Colombia through these virtual tours

Other destinations that you can visit through virtual tours with panoramic views and high quality pictures are:

Medellín: Explore the most innovative city in Colombia  with these virtual routes that take you through Plaza Botero, the Orquideorama, the Museum of Modern Art and other sites.

Cartagena: ‘La Heroica’ is without a doubt one of the most charming cities in Colombia. Cartagena brings together everything from adventures through nature, through unwinding on the beach, to indulgent journeys of the palate. Walk the wonderful colonial streets of the walled city through these virtual tours here.

A different way to experience Cali and the Colombian Pacific is through the virtualization of dance

You can also learn a dance style synonymous with Cali from the comfort of your own home: Salsa.

Delirio, the company that runs the most famous salsa show in Colombia, has decided to share on their YouTube channel the behind the scenes of its new show, ‘Aurora’. That being said, if you really want to learn this vibrant dance style, you can also take the “Tírate un paso” video classes here. That way, when you visit us, you’ll be ready to show off your best salsa moves! For both videos, you can enable the automatic translation mode in the video settings.

Salsa’s not for you? Well, if you want to hone your dancing skills for other Latin styles, we recommend taking classes from home with Chocó to dance, a platform where for only USD 9.99 you can enjoy four months of unlimited bachata, reggaeton, salsa and salsa choke dancing lessons. As an added bonus, you’ll be supporting teachers by helping them pay for their studies.

Thanks to these virtual tours, you can appreciate a huge variety of Colombia's best attractions from home. While we look forward to meeting soon, rest easy knowing that we’re taking great care of our country, our people, and our environment in preparation for your next visit.