Un país multicultural.


Region: Caribbean

Departments: La Guajira

Language: Wayuunaiki

The Wayú are a community of matrilineal clans whose main economic activities include grazing, corn cropping, and Mochila (bag) weaving.

Urban Population

Region: Nationwide

Language: Spanish

Modern city folk have incorporated technology into their lives, tend to work for large companies, and travel both in and outside of the country.

Un país multicultural.
Un país multicultural.


Region: Insular

Departments: San Andres and Providence

Languages: Creole, Spanish and English

The Raizal are an ancestral native population that has inhabited the archipelago since before the European colonization. They usually work as fishermen and sailors.


Region: Caribbean

Departments: Magdalena and Cesar

Language: Arhauco

Arhuaco are deeply connected with nature and are known for growing tobacco and coca leaves, and for weaving mochilas (bags) out of sheep’s wool.

Un país multicultural.
Un país multicultural.

Afro-Colombian Population

Region: Pacific and Caribbean

Departments: Choco, Nariño, Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Atlantico, Bolivar y Magdalena

Language: Spanish

Afro-Colombians are known for their social leadership and for having promoted cultural phenomena such as cumbia and the Barranquilla Carnival.

A multicultural country.

Illustrations: Elizabeth Builes