Since its creation, in 1988, the Bogota International Book Fair (FILBO) has been one of the most important cultural events in Colombia , with around 1000 publishing houses present. The book fair, which takes place in Corferias during two weeks in the first half of the year, is home to about 1.200 cultural activities, including music and dance shows.

What is the International Book Fair in Bogota

The book fair is an event that brings together all the actors involved in the processes of a book publication in one place . In other words, authors, proofreaders, editors, translators, distributors, booksellers, and agents will meet with readers and fans to allow the book ecosystem to grow more and more. For this purpose, for fifteen days, events and training spaces are held for the promotion of books and reading.

This event is part of the great fairs and festivals that take place every year in Colombia. It is made possible thanks to the Colombian Chamber of Books and Corferias.

Where is the book fair ?

The date to attend the International Book Fair is yet to be confirmed, but it will be in one of the most important fairgrounds in Colombia: Corferias. Since its creation, this place in Bogota has been the site of events, conventions , fairs and national and international exhibitions of commercial, cultural and industrial type. For this reason, today it is considered the first fairs and events district with a portfolio of around 270 annual events.

What can I expect for this year's International Book Fair ?

This year the International Book Fair, or as it is most commonly known, the book fair, turns 33 years old. As in previous years, it always has a guest country of honor. This year, under its motto 'Think Nordic', the fair welcomes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The idea is to foster a conversation to talk about this year's flagship theme: 'culture for a sustainable future'.

Under this premise, the most representative elements of the Nordic culture will be transmitted to all those attending the book fair. That is, to encourage expressions that project a synergy regarding sustainability, environmental awareness, innovation and equality, among others . In this way, the pavilion corresponding to the guest of honor of this year will communicate this expression from its spatial disposition, content and even furniture, building an atmosphere of harmony between human being and the environment.

Although Nordic countries will be the guests of honor at this year's book fair, other great literary exponents from countries such as Cuba, Mexico and Portugal, among others, will also be attending.

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Things to do in Bogota during your visit to the book fair

In addition to being the book fair venue annually, Bogota is a vibrant city with a wide range of entertainment for those who visit it. Furthermore, the capital has 8 gastronomic areas , more than 130 museums and galleries, and around 5,000 parks and sports venues. It is a city that can be walked or traveled through its more than 450 kilometers of bike paths. The latter and the more than 6,000 bicycle parking spots have made Bogota "world capital of the bicycle".

In the same way, as it is a city surrounded by mountains, it is an ideal destination for extreme sports such as paragliding, motocross and high mountain tourism.

Books, arts, and coffee in Bogota always go together

Enjoy the International Book Fair in Bogota | Colombia Travel
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La Macarena is one of the oldest and most bohemian neighborhoods in Bogota.

After attending the different reading promotion spaces, the cultural agenda, and the different conversatories about topics of current interest that you will find at the book fair in Bogota, we suggest you pass through the La Macarena neighborhood.

La Macarena is an old residential neighborhood of the city with a bohemian and artistic charm that makes those who visit it fall in love. Surrounded by art galleries, cafes and restaurants with several gastronomic offers, it is an ideal place to spend a pleasant afternoon. To start your tour in this neighborhood, we recommend you to visit the Alonso Garcés gallery, which has been a showcase for great Colombian artists for 40 years. On the other hand, you can visit the Valenzuela & Klenner gallery if you wish to take a less conventional approach. You may even visit educational and cultural spaces such as NC Arte or Espacio El Dorado.

Once you have completed this tour, you can go to Luvina, a space that is a bookstore and a coffee shop. There, you can enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of coffee and even a movie.

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If you decide to attend the book fair, keep in mind that a few hours from Bogota you will find a vineyard that you will love

After attending the book fair in Bogota you can walk by La Macarena neighborhood| Colombia Travel
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Villa de Leyva is a small town popular for its colonial architecture and gastronomic offerings

Villa de Leyva is one of the most charming towns in Colombia. Located less than 4 hours by road from the capital of Colombia, it is mostly known for its colonial architecture and landscapes ranging from the rural to its desertic area . In the same way, it is becoming a very attractive destination for its gastronomic offerings that include traditional food and international-fusion dishes. Therefore, an ideal match when visiting this heritage town of Colombia is a tour of the Ain Karim Vineyard.

From the winemaking tradition of the old friars of the colonial era comes a vineyard that produces six types of wines with the name of Marqués de Villa de Leyva. These have been recognized internationally due to the European technique they are made with and for being aged in imported oak barrels. One of the most popular among locals and tourists is the Sauvignon Blanc.

This tour offers a variety of options in case you would like to do it on your own, with your couple or a group of friends such as: the vineyard plan, a cupping plan, a picnic plan or an academic plan, among others.

Visit the book fair and discover all the things to do in Bogota so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.