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A visit to the Afro-descendant community of Rosario Islands, a fishing village, with experts in coral reefs, plus wonderful snorkeling expriences, canoe trips, walks alog the tropical dry forest, and oportunities to learn the lifestyle and traditions of Orika town.

We will have a real local immersion, with the native commuties from Orika in Rosario Islands (Isla Grande),  we will be able to see the beauty of the coral reefs, go by canoe to observe the mangroves, and the tropical dry forest. We will find a living memory museum, where young people and experts will share their stories, their knowledge and traditions.

Communitarian tourism model, where the direct beneficiaries are: 14 native hostels and 4 native guide companies that benefit about 60 families. The community depends on the activity of tourism, specially shops, transport, craftsmen, artists and connoisseurs. The results are evident, unlike other communities in the insular and coastal Cartagena, Rosario Islands has no foreign businesses. All businesses are domestic and that gives us a lot of autonomy, growth and well-being.

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Vivamos Colombia Travel

Vivamos Colombia Travel

Vivamos Colombia Travel: Culture & Nature Agency, our company is a travel and tourism agency, which seeks to visibilize local communities an culture, we identify and differentiate ourselves getting involved with communities knowing their origins, traditions, history, gastronomy and ancestral knowledge. We design our experiences with the community  and we want them to enhance their personal development. as well as strenghent their cultural heritage.  We are located in the historic center of Cartagena de Indias, and operate Bolívar department since 2016. Vivamos Colombia Travel was nominated for the Quality award of the region.