Get to know its natural and cultural wealth

From the window of your plane, just before landing, you can see an expanse of towering trees traversing the largest river in the world. This is the landscape you'll find in Leticia, an incredible place if you enjoy extreme contact with nature and getting to know some of the cultures most representative of the country.

The main feature of the area is, without a doubt, the majestic Amazon River, which you can travel to observe amazing species and reach remote communities, indigenous shelters, and nature reserves.

Leticia's natural wealth is also apparent in the city's enormous variety of animal and plant species: 860 species of birds, 140 species of amphibians, 85 species of mammals, 147 species of reptiles, and 6,800 species of plants. The care of both locals and tourists have contributed to the thriving state of Leticia's animal and plant life.

In fact, one of the nearby municipalities, Puerto Nariño, was certified by the country's Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism as the first sustainable town in Colombia, thanks to the effective use of water and energy resources and the protection of the flora and fauna, among other things.

Leticia is also home to a great cultural wealth evident in the indigenous groups of the Colombian Amazon that, like the YURI and NUKAK, afford this city an incomparable ethnic multiplicity. Learning about their rituals, cultures, and beliefs, and interacting with the leaders of the tribes in order to understand their relationship with nature are unique experiences that will transform your worldview.

What is there to do in Leticia?

Without a doubt, there are many truly inspiring experiences you can have in Leticia with nature and the cultures of indigenous groups. So, while you're in Leticia, you need to enjoy these two great resources.

To start, you can visit the Leticia's tourist boardwalk, where you'll find the imaginary line that divides the Amazon into three countries (Colombia, Brazil, and Peru), as well as boats that will take you to different places to enjoy nature and contact with different indigenous communities.

Visiting parks and natural reserves, like Amacayacu, Chiribiquete, and Nukak, is a great option if you want to enjoy the area's marvelous flora and fauna. Not for nothing, this area is considered one of the best in the world for finding amazing animal and plant species.

So, on your expeditions, you'll find natural marvels such as the largest lotuses in the world, that float on the calm surfaces of the lakes.
You'll also find exotic animal species, like the true macaws, cocks of the rock, black vultures, glass frogs, and black caimans.

The river also offers spectacular views of the unique pink dolphins that swim through the waters of the Amazon.

The impressive variety of primates that live in the area is remarkable, as well.

However, in addition to its natural diversity, the Amazon is home to an enormous cultural wealth. There, you will find indigenous communities like the HITOMA, the YAGUA, the MACEDONIA, and the TACANA with which you can interact and learn about their rich cultures and interesting view of the world.

Unique experiences

Simply being in Leticia, a place so far from the sounds and speed of big cities, is a unique experience. However, the capital of the Amazon is also the stage for fairs and festivals that you'll find unforgettable.

One very important festival is the Amazon Fellowship Festival, which is celebrated in July with sports, musical, cultural, recreational, and culinary activities in which visitors and locals alike can enjoy Amazonian folklore.

There's also the International Festival of Amazonian Popular Music, or "Pirarucú de Oro,” which generally takes place at the end of November and displays the musical rhythms of amazonian culture.

Lastly, you can't miss out on Leticia's impressive celebration of Holy Week, which includes spectacular parades and culinary fairs.

These events come with an extra charm: they're the perfect opportunities to sample regional flavors and purchase artisanal works made by native artists.

In Leticia, you'll find exotic dishes such as mojojoy (an indigenous white worm that can be eaten raw, grilled, or fried), fariña (a type of hot porridge), and freshwater fish.

Artisanal works, which can be purchased in stalls or regional fairs, stand out for their fascinating designs created with seeds, tree barks, feathers, hemp, pirarucú scales, and other elements collected in the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

Activities you won't want to miss out on

Leticia also has options for lovers of ecological tourism and adventure, offering a myriad of activities such as climbing trees, hiking through the forest, riding zip lines, sailing the Amazon River, observing flora and fauna, or taking an expedition down the river to remote places in the heart of the jungle.

On these incredible expeditions, you can climb trees over 114 feet tall, and follow a path through their branches about 260 feet in length to feel the full force of nature.

You can also spend the night in the top of a ceiba tree and listen to the secret voice of the jungle under the light of the moon.


  • If you're traveling to Leticia, it's essential that you get vaccinated against yellow fever at least 15 days beforehand.
  • Learn about tourism plans available in the area. You'll find plans with many different options for cruises and lodging in various types of hotels.
  • Insect repellent is also crucial, but no spray repellents! Caring for the environment is even more important.
  • Leticia offers you a chance to be a real explorer, so bring cool, light, comfortable clothes, with long sleeves and pants, and boots or comfotable, waterproof tennis shoes.
  • It's also important to bring a change of clothes and flashlight, and to constantly hydrate with bottled water.

With these straightforward recommendations, you're ready to have a one of a kind, transformative experience in the majestic south of Colombia, so come to Leticia, feel the rhythm of the country, and enjoy its impressive natural and cultural wealth. We'll see you there!

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