Everyone dreams of enjoying a magical night, surrounded by incredible landscapes and starry nights, or not? Well, in Colombia, there are places where you can experience the best of astronomy, while discovering the charms of the country of beauty.

Colombia has stood out for being a diverse, colorful, varied and perfect destination for those who enjoy visiting magical places and living enchanting experiences that will leave a lasting impression. From north to south and from east to west, it is possible to find all kinds of soils, climates, fauna, flora and places that have made this country a destination that is always worth visiting.

Thanks to its location, destinations such as La Guajira and the Tatacoa Desert, are perfect to enjoy clear skies and starry skies that look like something out of a movie in space. Traveling to these places during the day and letting yourself relax and be carried away by the stars at night is something that is always worth experiencing.

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3 destinations for astronomical tourism in Colombia 

Here are 3 destinations not to be missed if you want to be amazed by the incredible skies and astronomical tourism in Colombia:

1. Astronomical festival in Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva

It is one of the most loved destinations by foreigners who come to Colombia, since it is a charming place that still maintains its colonial style architecture and its rural western landscapes that make anyone fall in love with it.

Throughout the year, Villa de Leyva receives thousands of local and foreign visitors who travel to walk its corridors, enjoy the gastronomy, local dishes such as soups, mazamorra chiquita and other types of offerings such as Italian and Spanish food.

Throughout the year, Villa de Leyva receives thousands of local and foreign visitors who travel to walk its corridors, enjoy the gastronomy, local dishes such as soups, mazamorra chiquita and other offerings such as Italian and Spanish food.

Although throughout the year it is possible to enjoy the beauty of a clear and starry sky, there is an Astronomical Festival that takes place during the first months of each year. For a couple of days, a special space is opened for talks, lectures, workshops and more events led by experts in different areas that teach and entertain attendees.

In addition, in this incredible place there is a lot to do, such as visiting the Paleontological Research Center, eating dessert in the main square, going to the Parish Church, visiting the El Carmen Museum or going to the Pozos Azules (Blue Wells). Any of these plans are ideal for anyone who wants to add unique and unrepeatable experiences in a region that offers charm in every corner.

2. The stars closer to you in the Tatacoa Desert.

 Las estrellas más cerca de ti en el Desierto de la Tatacoa

Did you know that this is the second largest arid zone in Colombia after La Guajira? Its beauty, the diversity of the land, the climate, the fauna, the tones of its lands and a clear sky full of stars, make this one of the most attractive destinations for Colombians and foreigners who enjoy the outdoors and seek to discover stunning natural scenery and out of the ordinary.

In addition to visiting its landscapes and incredible places like the desert of the dead, composed of geological formations that can be accessed through ecological hikes and where you can appreciate the colors, textures and shapes of the earth, the Tatacoa Desert has become an ideal destination for astronomy lovers or for those who simply want to be dazzled in first person by the beauty of a clear sky and the brightness of the stars.

Thanks to its location close to the Earth's equator, you can observe the 88 constellations, see meteor showers and attend the Municipal Astronomical Observatory, where an expert will teach and show attendees more about astronomy.

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3. Seeing stars in the clear skies of La Guajira, Colombia

Cielo despejado en Punta Gallinas, Guajira colombiana

This charming destination in the department of La Guajira, located in the northeast of the country, enjoys great ecological characteristics in which there are a variety of terrestrial ecosystems such as the Guajira desert, dry jungle and humid mountain. Places like Cabo de la Vela, located 47 meters above sea level, make it a magical place.

Each night is unique, but in general, they stand out for enjoying a clear sky, deep color and stars that do not stop shining and illuminate the eyes of hundreds of tourists who are perplexed with the wonders they see. This is why you will want to spend the night lying on the sand, accompanied by your loved ones and wrapped by a perfect climate that enchants anyone.

The beauty of its territory, its beach and its people never cease to amaze. As worthy representatives of the country of beauty, the indigenous community is always ready to welcome visitors with open arms and offer them their gifts; their energetic attitude, culture rooted to their roots, food created with local ingredients, handicrafts such as the famous Wayúu backpacks and in general the magic of their culture, will make you want to stay to make the most of every second of this destination.

These are some of the favorite destinations for people seeking through astronomical tourism in Colombia, a way to experience all the charms of this country.

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